Mayer's Meezers

Mayer's Meezers is a small, home-based cattery in western Pennsylvania. We breed Traditional (old-fashioned Applehead) Siamese, Classic Siamese and Colorpoint Shorthairs.

Our cattery name is registered with the CFA and TCA, as are our cats and kittens. All our Meezers have tested negative for FeLV and FIV - and no worms, parasites or fleas on any of our cats or kittens!

We breed seasonally so our females retain superior health and have healthy kittens for you. Our queens are Poco (Classic Chocolate Point Siamese) and Peaches (Classic Red/Flame Point Colorpoint Shorthair). Our latest litter of kittens was born in September (ready for Christmas).

We breed the four Siamese colors of seal, blue, chocolate and lilac point, as well as the Colorpoint colors (red/flame, tortie, blue-cream, lilac-cream and chocolate tortie).

Kittens do not leave their mothers until they are 10-12 weeks of age (at our discretion, depending on maturity).

They leave our home after an examination and first vaccination given by our vet of seventeen years. Our contract requires that our kittens be spayed or neutered; proof of this from your vet must be received by us in order to supply you with their papers.

Do visit our website for more information or drop us an email if you have any questions. Thank you for your interest!

To contact this breeder

Please use the details below or visit the breeder's own website using the link provided:

Mayer's Meezers
Beth & John Mayer
Tel: 724-446-7633


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The Siamese Colors

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