Simon, a Seal or Chocolate Point Siamese?

by Sarah
(Redding, CA)

Hi, my name is Sarah and I have a Siamese named Simon. I was just wondering if he was a Seal Point or a Chocolate Point? (The vet said Chocolate.)

He's about two years old now. He was a stray we found in our yard when he was about six months old. I instantly fell in love with him!

He loves to be around people, he's very friendly and loving and very talkative!

I love it when he just walks around the house meowing his little heart out :)

Reply from Caroline (Admin):

Welcome Sarah and thank you for your question - it's a very good one!

Many people wonder how to tell a Chocolate Point from a Seal Point, and when you don't know the cat's ancestry and parents (which you don't, when you adopt a stray) it can be very difficult indeed.

So here are some pointers.

The first thing to note is that Chocolate Points generally have paler, whiter coats than Seal Points. Seals tend to be more of a creamy-beige, especially as they get older.

Seal Point Siamese coats have a tendency to darken over the course of their lifetime, so a mature adult Seal Point can end up with a very dark brown back that in some cases even blends right into their tail color.

Chocolate Points tend to remain pale ivory white throughout their lives. Some, however, are born with a cinnamon tone to their coats, as Simon seems to have.

To me, from your photos, Simon could be either Seal or Chocolate.

So the way to tell for sure (I was once given this tip by a breeder) is to look at his paw pads.

If they're dark brown, then he's a Seal Point, but if they have a pink or pinkish undertone, then he'll be a Chocolate Point.

You can see what Chocolate Point Siamese paw pads look like in the picture of the cat on that page.

I hope this helps. Thanks for visiting!

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Sep 04, 2015
Me also
by: Victoria

I also after trapping a mom and three kittens was told by the vet Chocolate Point Siamese. My friend took the mom, which we were told was a Black Siamese?

Of the other kittens one was black like mom and the other Chocolate Point. Like mom, they all have Polydactyl paws which is adorable. The eyes are ice blue. All the kittens were males. This kitten is five months old and I've had him for two weeks. He has adjusted amazingly to being indoors and is so sweet & cuddly.

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