Flame Point Siamese Photo Gallery

A number of visitors have submitted stories and photos of their Flame Point Siamese cats and kittens, so I thought it would be fun to collect them all together on one page.

Follow the links to read each individual visitor's story about their own Flame or Red Point.

There you'll find adoption stories, learn why some cats are called what they're called, discover cats who do tricks, and even a cat who used telepathy to 'call' a new owner to them.

Many thanks to everyone who sent these stories in.


Click on the names to find out more about each of the cats.

Flame point Siamese kitten in basket

Milky's a kitten who likes to play hide-and-go-seek!

Vanilla's another Flame Point who likes hiding – generally when there are people around. He also does tricks and high-fives.

Flame point Siamese on cat tree
Flame point Siamese cat (close-up)

Mischief was a free kitten whose owner thought he was an all-white cat at first – his markings didn't show up at all in the picture advertising him.

Flame point Siamese kitten on table

Jazz the Flame Point kitten turned up very late one night outside a house in Alabama.

Shaking, frightened, and hungry, this little rescue soon made his mark on the whole household, including the (very much larger) Coonhound.

Princess, like many others of this breed, is a 'shoulder' cat (and she likes laps, too.)

Flame point Siamese cat on red blanket
Red point Siamese cat on rug

Savannah's a real Southern Belle. Just as beautiful, smart and wilful as any Scarlett O'Hara!

Chaos brought a certain amount of havoc to her household, which includes another cat called Hotrod and a bunny called Bugzzy the Mobster!

Flame point Siamese kitten on new bed
Flame point Siamese cat on orange couch

Dara used to be a Brazilian 'street cat', until her talent for telepathy found her her 'forever home'.

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