My Sammy

by Kailey Spence

My Siamese kitten is mostly white, her ears paws and muzzle are chocolate brown and cream around her eyes. What breed of Siamese is she?

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Jan 24, 2011
Seal point Siamese, perhaps a chocolate point?
by: Caroline(Admin)

Hi Kailey

Without a photo it's difficult to say exactly, but to me it sounds as if Sammy is a seal point, or perhaps a chocolate point Siamese. It can be difficult to tell with kittens as when they're young these two colors can look quite similar.

Seal points get their point colors a little earlier than chocolate points, and their points are dark brown rather than a more milky-chocolate brown.

A good way of telling the difference between a seal point and a chocolate point Siamese is by their paw pads, as chocolate points have a pink tone to their paw pads (see my page on chocolate point Siamese where you can see what I mean by the pink paw pads).

Seal point paw pads, on the other hand, are very dark brown.

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