Seal Point Siamese Cat Photos

The Seal Point Siamese cat is probably the most recognizable of all the point colors, and certainly one of the most popular, judging by the number of photos and tales of Seal Points submitted by you.

I've collected some of these together and you can see the results below.

My thanks to all the owners of the Seal Points featured here for sending in the stories about your lovely cats.


Clicking on the names beside the each picture takes you to separate pages about each of the featured cats.

Seal point Siamese cat, lying down

Dax, a Seal point Siamese cat who lived to the ripe old age of seventeen, used to love playing with strings of beads, and moved them around the house when her owner was out.

Seal point Siamese cat, lying on back

Pepper didn't have too good a start in life, but now his owner thinks he's spoiled rotten.

Canadian seal point Bizzy's owner's wanted to call her something suitably Oriental, but Bizzy just felt right. (And 'busy' is exactly what cats of this breed will keep you!)

Seal point Siamese cat, seated
Seal point Siamese cat with blue eyes

Paige wakes her owner up each morning with a friendly pat on the face ...

Seal point Siamese cat lying on back

... while this cat wakes his owner up by meowing and jumping on him! (Yup, my cat does this too.)

Safira, also known as Saffy, was an unexpected 'find' for Susan on a day out at the local beach. This little seal point Siamese kitten took to disappearing up the chimney at her new 'forever' home, and ended up making friends with the family dog.

Seal point Siamese kitten and 'mouse'
Seal point Siamese cat and Tonkinese cuddling

Inca's strong-smelling urine left her owner wondering what to do about it all until Inca herself came up with a novel solution to the problem.

Shaggy may not be a pure-bred Siamese, and all her brothers and sisters were blue points. But Shaggy gets her glamorous good looks from her Dad!

Seal point Siamese longhaired cat

Talula's owner wondered whether this long-haired cat was a chocolate point but a look at her paws told him otherwise.

Seal point Siamese longhaired kitten
Seal point Siamese cat in guitar case

Jinx the Applehead was found as a stray but soon made himself quite at home in his new owner's guitar case.

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