Meezer Musings: November 2018
Winter's On The Way

Where I live in the UK the weather has been mild for November, but the temperature has just taken a sharp turn downwards, with snow forecast for some areas.

Of course, you may already have snow in your corner of the world (like our snugly-hatted Meezer friend from AmyLyn Bihrle, below) but wherever you are, you're probably thinking about Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or other holidays - the food, the gifts, and all those preparations that you haven't started yet ...

There are all kinds of fun things coming up for you - calendars and Christmas tree decorations, gifts and books, topical tips for the holidays ...

But first I'd like to take a little look back to the summer, because I know that some of you are wondering where we've been for the past few months.

A Farewell to Bandit

I'm enormously sad to tell you that we had to say goodbye to Bandit in the summer. He'd been bravely fighting kidney disease for almost two years and although he hated our monthly vet visits, he'd been more or less holding his own despite gradually losing weight from month to month.

I'd had a feeling for some time that he might not make it through the year, but we were able to celebrate the tenth anniversary of his 'Gotcha' day in April and I'd hoped that he'd live long enough to enjoy some warm sunny days. He loved the sun.

I'm pleased to say that he did, and here he is warming himself in the early summer. He was very spoiled, as he wasn't really allowed on the table!

Siamese cat on a garden table, enjoying the summer sunLast summer in the garden - enjoying the summer sun

Sadly he stopped eating some weeks later during some very hot weather that we had here, and despite all our best efforts, and the vet's, he went downhill very quickly. He was clearly no longer enjoying life so we felt it was best to let him go gently and with dignity.

He was the 'face' of Life with Siamese Cats for over ten years, and graced our lives (and those of our friends and neighbors) with his energy, elegance, mischief and sheer Siamese wilfulness. I wouldn't have changed a day of it, and he is very much missed.

Bandit's final weeks taught me a lot, and while I don't want to dwell on them now I have some thoughts to share about them, so I'll write more next year.

Siamese cat sitting on a lawnBandit, 2003-2018. RIP, little fella

Not long after Bandit passed away I became quite ill myself, and it's only in the last couple of weeks that I've felt like writing for the website, or, in fact, doing anything much at all.

So if you've missed us that's what happened, but life is gradually returning to normal and I hope to bring you more regular newsletters next year.

For now, though, on to brighter and happier things!

Of Calendars and Christmas Trees

First things first - have you bought yourself a calendar for 2019 yet?

If not, you need one! Head on over to our Siamese cat calendars page where you'll find a selection of the brightest and best for 2019, including the beautiful one below from artist Suzanne Le Good.

Next Up! Tree Decorations

I adore browsing for tree decorations and I particularly love finding Siamese cat-related ones. Here's a small selection; they make perfect stocking fillers or little gifts for yourself or others.

They're all available either from Amazon or craftmakers' platform Etsy - but hurry - at this time of year they sell out very quickly.

Gifts for You and Yours

You'll find a range of Siamese goodies over on our Gifts page, with presents for kids and adults (and cats too, of course) including a sister tile to the one shown below - a cute Siamese cat in a wine bar which is part of the same set as this Siamese cat at the piano.

I've recently updated the page and will continue to keep a look out for items to add, so do pop back and visit it from time to time.

I wrote about this Siamese cat clothes hanger last Christmas and see that it's still available, so how about this for a piece of Siamese memorabilia?

Definitely one of the most unusual items I've come across in my search for Christmas gifts, it's also surprisingly lovely, and I know that at least one of you bought one last year!


I love giving and receiving books and I recently read about the Icelandic tradition of giving books on Christmas Eve. With that in mind, here are some book suggestions for you. Siamese ones, of course ...

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Rhonda Banuelos, the author of a series of picture books for children (Grades 1-2) that were inspired by the Siamese mix cat Rhonda adopted while living in Oahu.

The books (three so far) focus on the importance of friendship, the love of animals, learning about other cultures, and travel.

The first in the series is called The Adventures of Hayley Cat and tells the story of a friendship between Hayley and an amiable dolphin.

Cover image of The Adventues of Hayley Cat by Rhonda Banuelos
Cover image of Never Tease a Siamese, by Edie Claire

Another Siamese-related book that I came across recently is a mystery novel called 'Never Tease A Siamese' by Edie Claire - also part of a series - eleven books in total.

The Siamese cats in this novel are peripheral to the story, but it's a well-written and very enjoyable mystery - so enjoyable, in fact, that I then bought books 1 and 2 in the series too.

They, however, have nothing at all to do with Siamese cats!

Topical Tips for The Holidays

The holiday period tends to be a time when there are lots of extra-special foods, plants and other 'nibble temptations' around the house, which aren't always very cat friendly. Here are some seasonal reminders to help keep your cats safe and happy during all the festivities.

  • Trees. 1. Make sure your tree is securely fastened! I've even seen photos from folks who hang their trees upside down from the ceiling. While this may be going a little far, securing your tree by attaching it the wall if necessary, so that it can't topple over, makes good sense. 2. Vacuum up dropped needles frequently to prevent them from being nibbled or causing any other harm.
  • Lights. 1. Make sure that electrical cables are kept well out of the way, either hidden under rugs or covered with cable protectors. 2. Use circuit breakers. 3. Never leave trees with lights unattended, especially if you have kittens. Kittens have been known to hang themselves by getting tangled up in light cables.
  • Candles. Don't leave lighted candles unattended or in places where they might accidentally be knocked over and start a fire or injure your pet.
  • Decorations. Make sure any ornaments or other decorations you buy are non-toxic and don't contain small pieces that could get stuck if your cats try to eat them.
  • Plants and Flowers. Lilies (often found in flower bouquets) are lethal to cats and should be banned from the house! Other plants popular at this time of year include holly, mistletoe, poinsettia and amaryllis. All of these are toxic to a lesser or greater degree so are best avoided or kept well out of reach.
  • Foods. Chocolate, cake, candies, cookies, nuts, alcohol - none of these are good for cats! Ingredients in other foods - raisins, sultanas, onions and garlic are toxic too so avoid feeding your cats any foods that contain these. If in doubt, cat food is better than human food for cats!
  • Gifts. Siamese cats love to 'help' you wrap gifts, but make sure they don't accidentally swallow tape, string, paper or any other wrappings, and tidy up after yourself. Once wrapped, don't leave packages containing foods or treats under the tree - they're sure to be discovered, dismantled, and devoured!
  • Visitors. If you're expecting visitors, make sure your cats have a calm, safe space they can retreat to, and, as always, make sure they can't escape through open doors.
  • Vets' opening hours. I sincerely hope you won't need to call the vet, but it's always a good idea to make a note of your regular vet's opening hours as well as the availability of emergency vets over the holidays, just in case.

Tail End ...

I've recently stopped working and now have time to work on this website - and plenty of work to do on it! I have lots of ideas to bring it up to date so, after the holidays, I'll be back in January with a look at the year ahead in 2019.

Meanwhile, to all our American friends, who may be about to start cooking up a storm in preparation for Thanksgiving on Thursday, we wish a happy celebration and a peaceful, joyful and safe weekend.

And wherever you are, and whatever you're doing for your particular holiday celebrations around the world in December, we hope you have a wonderful time with your families, friends, and Meezers.


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