Zarlee Orientals and Siamese

Tabby and White Oriental

Tabby and White Oriental

Tabby and White Oriental Seal Point and White Siamese and a bi-colour Oriental Tabby Point Siamese Chocolate and White Oriental

Zarlee Orientals and Siamese Cattery is a small breeder of modern Oriental and Siamese cats in flashy bi-colour pattern or plain.

We are located in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia. We breed Black, Chocolate, Seal, Blue and Lilac in plain or tabby.

Our kittens are reared in our home with lots of love and are often remarked on for being full of personality and confidence.

We only have one or two litters a year and try to take great care with the homes they are placed in.

We breed the modern type and have imported from Europe to be able to achieve this look.

I am registered with the NSWCFA, a member of CCCA in Australia.

To contact this breeder:

Please use the details below or visit the breeder's own website using the link provided:

Zarlee Orientals & Siamese
Wendy Hamilton
Blue Mountains
NSW, Australia
Tel: 0413 998544


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