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Those of us who have Siamese cats in our lives are a devoted (some might even say just a tiny bit obsessive) bunch, and I've found through observation of others and my own personal experience that we tend to surround ourselves and fill our homes with all kinds of reminders of our Siamese cats; arts, crafts, books, household items and other memorabilia - and that's in addition to our cats!

So if there's a Siamese cat lover in your life, or if you yourself are that Siamese cat person, this page is for you.

2016 Siamese Calendar
Image by kind permission of and copyright © Suzanne Le Good

Lovely Things for Lovely People (And Their Cats!)

There are of course any number of Siamese-related goodies available on the internet; too many to list them all here. Below you'll find a range of items from inexpensive small gifts and stocking fillers to high-end art and collectibles - all totally things I'd buy for myself.

I've also included a few fun gifts for the Siamese cats in your life - because without them, where would we be? 

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The products below are listed on either Amazon or Etsy. If you buy anything through the links, I receive a (very!) small commission, which helps to support the running costs of this website. There's no extra cost to you, but, if you prefer, you can of course go directly to these stores and search for the products yourself.

Gifts for Children

There's often an extraordinary bond between Siamese cats and the kids in a household, and children who are lucky enough to grow up with them often develop a lifelong love of Siamese cats (I'm one!)

So here are a few small, and not-so-small, suggestions for Siamese cat gifts for younger Meezer lovers.

Hair Tie | Ponytail Holder
An inexpensive party gift or stocking-filler, this little ponytail holder will delight young girls (of all ages!)

Trinket Boxes
In the same series as the ponytail holder above, this set of two trinket boxes are equally delightful and hold any number of small treasures.

Aurora World Miyoni Plush Siamese
Soft, cuddly and cute, this 8" long little Meezer is also durable and washable, so it's perfect for toddlers (and older children too!)

Skippyjon Jones - Snow What
The latest in Judy Schachner's Skippyjon Jones series, Snow What re-tells the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in Judy's inimitable fashion, with Skippy's chihuahua friends playing the Seven Dwarves!

Siamese Cat Figurine & Moneybox

Ornament-lovers will adore this little Meezer, which comes in its own moneybox tin.

Two gifts for the price of one!

Gifts for Adults

From the inexpensive to the very expensive ... a range of gifts for the adult Siamese cat lover.

Siamese Tote Bag

Well made and sturdy, these shopping / tote bags are environmentally friendly and pretty, too!

Wine Bottle Stopper

For the wine-loving Siamese owner in your life, how about a wine-bottle stopper? I love these, although open wine bottles don't last very long in our house!

The Cat Who ... Books

If you (or someone you know) enjoy Lilian Jackson Braun's detective stories featuring Jim Qwilleran, his Siamese cats Koko and Yum-Yum and an assorted cast of extraordinary characters, the whole series has been re-released both in paperback and now also on Kindle, which is exciting news. You'll find the complete list here.

Suzanne Le Good

I've always loved Suzanne Le Good's artwork - truly gorgeous Siamese and Oriental cats! I bought her 2016 calendar (top photo on this page) and here are examples of her Christmas cards.

Steiff Siamese Cat

Very much at the top of the range, this collectible is made of pure cotton and alpaca wool with an 'authentic Steiff' ear button.

At 13.8 inches long, the size of a real cat, this Siamese cat is something truly special.

Gifts for Meezers - Bandit's Picks

Bandit doesn't play with toys much these days. At thirteen, perhaps he feels he's too old for such trifles! Here are three things he does love so if you're looking for a gift for the cat in your life, these come with Bandit's seal of approval.

If you're here specifically looking for things to entertain a bored Meezer, you might also like to take a look at a newsletter I wrote, a while back, about toys.

Yeowww! Catnip Rainbow

Bandit's No. 1 choice and his most favorite thing ever! These catnip rainbows are well-made and sturdy, although even they don't last forever - probably why they also come in packs of three. They last a good long time though, and the catnip is very potent.

GoCat 'Da Bird' Rod & Feather Toy

These feather 'Da Bird's are great too. Made from guinea feathers on a swivel, at the end of a three foot wand, they have a nice realistic bird effect. Cats love them so much they don't last long, particularly if you've got a 'chewy' cat, so it's worth buying the pack of three refills as well.

The Scratch Lounge

'The World's Best Cat Scratcher' is a real hit with Bandit, as you can see. This was a Christmas gift and as soon as we brought it home, he pounced! It probably helped that it came with a packet of dried catnip!

Well-made and sturdy, with reversible surfaces which you can turn over once they're worn. You can also buy replacement pads.

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