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I've always loved Siamese cats. Elegant, sleek, sociable, mischievous, loyal and intelligent, they combine the grace of panthers, the style of Vogue models, piercing cornflower-blue eyes and a Lassie-like devotion with extraordinary communication skills and, of course, those unforgettable voices.

As you can tell, I'm hooked. Once those Meezers* get their claws into your heart they don't let go. (And having stolen your heart, they'll go on to steal your lunch too, given half a chance!)

*Meezer. From Siamese ... m-e-e-z-e ... Meezer.

I have my aunt to thank. But that's another story.

Let's talk about you

You're probably here looking for information.

About the different types of Siamese cat or all the beautiful colors (or colours!), related breeds, or finding names for your kitten, or how to look after your own cat, or solutions to common cat problems, or fun pictures of cats, or …

Looking for answers? You'll find them here

I created this site because, like you, I wanted answers to all these questions and more.

Siamese cat in garden

So why not join me, my Meezer Bandit (that's him just above) and other feline friends as we take a walk through all kinds of useful stuff including:

Meezer know-how

Practical cat care


Siamese cats in books and films, toys and games to play with your cat, readers' stories, pictures and videos featuring the breed, gifts for you and your cat loving friends.

Siamese cat in close-up against blue sky

Your own stories and photos

There are various places here where you can submit stories about your own cats. Siamese Photos and Stories is a good place to start if you'd like to share your own cat's antics and read other people's stories.

You'll find Meezers from the USA, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Russia, North Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

We're building ...

A worldwide community of Siamese cats!

Why not join in?

We have a page on Facebook, so click the Like button below and come on over. Ask a question, post a photo, join us!

Come back and see us here, too. You'll always be welcome to browse, and you can find links to new or updated pages in our What's New? section.


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The Siamese Colors

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Chocolate point Siamese cat


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Tortie point Siamese cat


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