A Cat Named Poseidon

by Cat
(Calhan Colorado, USA)

I have dogs as well as cats, and the two boys are named after Greek gods ... the first was named Zeus (father of the gods) by his first owner, and the second was named by me. He responded best to Apollo (god of the sun) out of all the names I tried.

So when I got my new little seal point Siamese, I tried all kinds of names and he either gave me dirty looks or outright ignored me.

Until I decided to try Greek God names ... he started getting interested and I had to try several but when I got to Poseidon, Greek god of the sea (because his big blue eyes reminded me of the ocean), he perked right up, looked in my eyes, and got that big kitty grin and mewed at me and I knew I had found his name.

So I have all three of my boys, canine and feline, named after powerful Greek gods. LOL!

I'm hoping to find a female Siamese as Poseidon's playmate, and if I'm lucky she will choose a Greek goddess's name so I can keep the theme alive lol :)

Happy naming, Cat ^. .^

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