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Valentine's Day's Not Far Away!

Valentine's Day is less than a month away, so here are some suggestions for Valentine's Day cards and gifts for the Siamese cat lover in your life.

A selection of love tokens with a Siamese theme that won't break the bank!

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Meezer Musings, December 2023

Festive Wishes. As we reach the beginning of December, here are our festive wishes of the season with the help of our favorite artists. Warmth, light, color, fun, good food and good company! Includes our Topical Tips for the holidays with important safety reminders on caring for your cats while you're putting up your decorations and preparing Christmas gifts and food.

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Meezer Musings, October 2023

Shivering and Shaking. This month we discuss two feline health conditions thought to affect Siamese cats more often than other breeds. These are feline hyperesthesia - a chronic, troubling, 'shivering' of the skin, and nystagmus - a condition in which the eyes are seen to quiver and shake.

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Meezer Musings, July 2023

What Should I Feed My Cat? Providing your cats with the right foods is vital to their health and energy, giving them the best chance of living a long and healthy life. We take a look at some basic but important guidelines.

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Meezer Musings, June 2023

Cats In Harness. This month we take a look at one of the ways of allowing your cats to experience the great outdoors in safety, by training them to walk on a leash.

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Meezer Musings, May 2023

What Kind of Cat Am I? Are Ragdolls the same as Siamese cats? (Clue - it's in the coat length). Do all Birman cats have white feet? Are Snowshoes bred from Siamese cats? We take a look at some cat breeds that look similar, but aren't Siamese.

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Meezer Musings, March 2023

Support for Grieving Cats. This month we're looking at the ways you can support your cats and other animals after the loss of a companion animal.

It's not only the owners who grieve...

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Meezer Musings, February 2023

Ohh, The Frustration! In which we investigate the frustrations of living with Siamese cats - health, personality, and behavior issues. But the most often mentioned frustration was "I wish I could have more of them!"

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Tacodah Siamese & Orientals

Br Dbl Gr Ch: Maracai's Lorenzo (imp USA) SIA  /W (s) and kittens Tacodah Milano ORI B/W (s) & Tacodah Loretta SIA /W (s)

Tacodah Siamese & Orientals cattery was first established by Sandy Nogueira in the early 1990's in Waitakere, Auckland, New Zealand. Having already bred

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Meezer Musings, January 2023

An Abiding Love of Books. In which we try and track down a long-remembered book for one of our readers, and catch up with news of other childhood favorites including Judy Schachner and Ariana B. Farina.

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Meezer Musings, November 2022

A Merry Meezer Christmas! Christmas fun with Siamese cats in gifts, cards, and calendars; seasonal tips for the holidays; and much, much more!

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Meezer Musings, October 2022

Safe As Houses? This month we're talking safety in the home as we take a look around our houses and consider the dangers lurking within.

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Meezer Musings, August 2022

How Healthy Is Your Cat? Way before either signs of pain or red flag issues become apparent, there are a number of ways you can spot things that may be going wrong with your cat's health. So - is your cat a healthy cat? Let's take a look.

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Meezer Musings, July 2022

Oh, My Ears & Whiskers! This month, we're talking sense - cat sense, in fact, taking a lighthearted look at the senseS - all the things a cat uses to see, smell, hear, taste, touch, and navigate its world.

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Siamese Cat Books for Adults

From novels where the Siamese cats are themselves the heroes, to short stories, true stories, and cozy mysteries where the cats play only a supporting role, here's a comprehensive collection of long-standing favorites together with some newer books you may not have heard of.

Perfect reading material for any Siamese cat owner - and a new book is always something to treasure!

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Siamese Cat Books for Kids

There's a wide variety of Siamese cat books for kids. Siamese cats, with their blue eyes, big ears, and slender bodies are visually appealing, playful cats, much loved by all age groups.

Included in our list of children's books are perennial favorites like Skippyjon Jones, Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat and Henry the Cross Country Cat, plus others less well known.

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Meezer Musings, May 2022

A Question of Breeding. We take a look at breeders, consider what makes a good breeder (and a bad one) and provide a checklist of things to consider if you're thinking about buying a kitten.

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Meezer Musings, April 2022

In Praise of Rescue: Adopt, Don't Shop. National Siamese Cat Day falls in April. We take a look at why so many Siamese cats end up in shelters and rescues, and how you can help.

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Meezer Musings, March 2022

Good Companions - providing company for your cat. Is a solo Siamese cat more affectionate? Should you provide another cat to keep them company? We consider these questions and more.

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Meezer Musings, January 2022

Bits & Pieces. We have some new pages on the site! Siamese cat books for adults, and Siamese cat books for kids. We've also opened up a page where you can submit your Siamese cat memorials, and take a look at Siamese cats on Valentine's Day!

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