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Meezer Musings, March 2019

In this month's newsletter we're covering teeth, gums, and all things oral. Join us to find out about the most common issues in feline dental health, and how you can help to keep your cat's mouth clean.

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Meezer Musings, February 2019

Is your cat a chewer or a wool-sucker? This month we're talking about cats who chew ... wool, plastic, cardboard, the cables, the furniture. Find out what you can do to stop this.

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Generations of Siamese

Where to start? Many years ago I bred Siamese cats, but gave up when the fashion for gangly pencil-sharpened noses went too far, in my opinion. But I've

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Meezer Musings, January 2019

What happens when cats turn on their friends? In our January newsletter we investigate a behavioral issue known as redirected aggression, with ideas on what you can do if it happens to you.

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Valentine's Day Is Coming Up!

Searching for a Siamese cat-related Valentine card or gift? Look no further. Our brand-new page of beautiful heart-themed designs will wrap you in a furry Meezer hug!

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My Sasha, And The Things She Does

My chocolate point Siamese passed away and I started to look for a small dog, but the prices were too costly. So I started to look on the net and I spotted

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Once Upon A Time, With A Cat

My beloved blue point, Cairo, died in October at age 19 (and a half). I have so many wonderful memories of him - snuggling under the covers, sitting out

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How I found my three beauties

Snowbelle, Miah and Cookie are my cats' names. I was told they are Siamese but never knew what kind. In the carrier from right to left is Snowbelle, Miah

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Lily and Talulah

My name is Sara and I am from South Carolina, USA. I have two Siamese girls, Lily and Talulah, and I fall more and more in love with them every day that

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Possum Blue, rescued from a feral cat colony

On the drive to the bike path I passed a feral cat colony. I stopped a few times a week just to talk with the cats and get to know them, and in August

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What's in a name?

We have gained - accidentally - two rescue Siamese. A friend who knew I was an ex-Siamese breeder asked for an opinion on how to handle a pair of unresponsive

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