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Cat and Dog Pictures - Buddies In Memoriam

Our daughter Shannon and family lived on a rural Arizona acre, with two horses. Her husband Fred stopped at the local feed store to get hay bales for the

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Get Set for Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and there's a feeling of magic in the air. Will you be sharing the day with a special someone? Or perhaps your Meezer is your 'special someone'?

Whoever holds the key to your heart, our specially chosen Siamese cat cards and gifts for Valentine's Day will amuse and cheer you! Check them out by using the link below.

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Taffy, Our "Temporary" Cat

My partner met Taffy in the spring of 2012, while at the vet clinic buying special food for our 18-year-old tabby, Merlin. The clinic staff 'accidentally'

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Meezer Musings, November 2021

Happy Holidays! It's Thanksgiving weekend and winter looms! We take a festive walk through the best Siamese cat Christmas cards, gifts, and other fun items for 2021.

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Meezer Musings, October 2021

Witchery, Signs and Portents. In which we take a look at the signs cats give us to tell us how they're feeling. Do cats dream? How can you tell? And could your cat be indicating that they need to see the vet?

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Meezer Musings, September 2021

Siamese Cat Behavior: Why Do They Do That? How do Siamese cats act when they see themselves in mirrors? Why do they follow you to the bathroom? We look at these and other odd activities that seem to apply only to Siamese cats!

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Are You Ready for 2022?

Get ahead of the game and order some beautiful, inexpensive Siamese cat art for your walls from our selection of the best of the Siamese cat calendars for 2022.

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Halloween Is Coming Up!

Are you trick-or-treating this year? Pumpkins carved? Candy corn at the ready? Join our Siamese cats at Halloween as we celebrate all the fun of the witching season!

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Meezer Musings, August 2021

Home Sweet Home: Moving house can be stressful, even (or perhaps especially) for cats. This month we're looking at making cats and kittens comfortable and happy as they settle in to their new home with you.

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Meezer Musings, July 2021

Health Matters: In this edition we're looking at health, and in particular about keeping your cats safe and well in three very different areas - Covid-19, cat food safety, and staying cool in the heat.

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Meezer Musings, May 2021

(Siamese) Cats on the Cover! All about books with Siamese cats in them, from early novels like The Incredible Journey and That Darn Cat! all the way through to the latest Cozy Mysteries.

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Meezer Musings, April 2021

Family Matters! Find out more about breeds related to the Siamese cat, and in particular, the Balinese, Tonkinese and Snowshoe. What makes them similar, what makes them different?

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National Siamese Cat Day Coming Up!

A special day to celebrate the Meezers in our lives. Did you know that there's a national holiday for Siamese cats? National Siamese Cat Day is celebrated on April 6th in the USA. We look into the holiday's origins and purpose.

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Meezer Musings, March 2021

That Cold Clear Gaze of Ancient Skies. All about eyes and what it is that makes a Siamese cat's eyes blue, and the shape of the Siamese eye, and eye health and whether all Siamese cats have runny eyes. With a diversion into seasonal coat shedding!

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Meezer Musings, February 2021

A Kaleidoscope of Cats. A historical timeline of the Siamese cat colors - how long have they been around, and when were they first recognized as Siamese cats? And how do they compare in different countries?

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Meezer Musings, January 2021

It's all in the paw pads! Two questions that often come up in Siamese cat groups and forums are "How do I tell a seal point from a chocolate point?" and "What's the difference between a blue point and a lilac?" We investigate the details.

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Meezer Musings, November 2020

Tidings of Comfort and Joy: A Festive Special.

A time for hats and scarves and mittens as we take shelter from the icy weather outside in an atmosphere of comfort and warmth, lights and sparkle, pleasure, friendship, shelter and cheer and take a look at this season's cards, decorations, gifts and more.

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Meezer Musings, October 2020

Of Love, and Loss, and Saying Goodbye. In which we consider the inevitability of the eventual death of our cats, and how to prepare for when that day comes.

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Meezer Musings, September 2020

September heralds the autumn months and we're looking at cats in the autumn of their years - the health problems that advancing age brings, and how best to care for them.

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Meezer Musings, June 2020

Siamese cats are intelligent, energetic, active, muscular cats - cats that should, ideally, get plenty of exercise to keep them lean, agile, and keep them out of the many kinds of mischief that Siamese cats tend to get into when they're bored and lonely. We look at some of the toys and games that may help.

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Meezer Musings, May 2020

Star Quality Cats! Starting 'at the very beginning' we take a look at a little history. From Thai Royal families, to the White House, to Hollywood - we investigate the star quality that all Siamese cats possess, from the tips of their whiskers to the tips of their tails ...

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Meezer Musings, March/April 2020

Coronavirus and cats. It's nearly Easter, Spring has sprung, and all should be well with the world but the past few weeks have seen a deadly pandemic sweeping around the globe.

What are the implications of Covid-19 for you and your cats? Can cats catch the new coronavirus? Could they pass it on to you? We investigate what's known about the disease so far.

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