Siamese cat memorials - remembering your Meezers

We've received some lovely Siamese cat memorials and tributes over the years from owners, so I'm collecting them together on one page.

Below you'll find a list of the cats whose lives are remembered here. Each of the links takes you to a full page about that cat.

They're wonderful stories to browse through, helping us to remember that even though our cats have gone before us, memories of them last a lifetime.

The stories are also a reminder that new cats, with their own, sometimes very different personalities, can help fill the gap left by much-loved companions.

Daisy - just one of the cats whose stories are featured below

Meezer Memories

Click the links below to read the heart-warming memorials and tributes written for their cats by some of our visitors.

My Shadowcat 
At 11:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve 2013, my daughter heard a tiny meow from behind the trailer lattice. She asked me if we could keep this little cream-colored …

Ransom: The Misfit Who Finally Fit In 
Today we said goodbye to our senior Siamese, Ransom. Although all cats are unique, with their special personalities and ways, Ransom was distinctly individual. …

Once Upon A Time, With A Cat 
My beloved blue point, Cairo, died in October at age 19 (and a half). I have so many wonderful memories of him - snuggling under the covers, sitting out …

Lucy Rose, My Loving Companion 
My very first Siamese cat lived to be seventeen years of age. He was a wonderful part of my life, seeing me through my single years to love, marriage and …

Mr Darcy's Story 
Fitzwilliam Darcy Horatio Growltiger Howland, known commonly as Mr Darcy, and sometimes as Mr McWhorter, the Wedge, Grandpa Wedge, and the Powder Burned …

One Is Never Enough 
I found your site while considering the possibility of getting another cat of the same breed as my beloved Rascalbear: a flame-point Siamese. I find …

Generations of Siamese 
Where to start? Many years ago I bred Siamese cats, but gave up when the fashion for gangly pencil-sharpened noses went too far, in my opinion. But …

Daisy - The Best (Siamese) Cat in the World 
My husband and I were blessed to have Daisy come into our lives, she chose to live with us and love us and it was a fantastic journey. Fourteen years …

Princess Waterlily - Lily, Our Cat 
My Siamese cat, Lily (her full name was Princess Waterlily, which was fitting) came home from a business trip in my mom's pocket - my mom sold cat and …

Bead Retrieve and Catch 
Dax, my Seal Point Siamese had a favourite game when she was younger. She loved stringed beads, and would retrieve tossed ones for as long as I had …

Dax, remembered in 'Bead Retrieve And Catch'

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