A Tail of the Street - Buddy, the Blue Point Siamese

One day, a friend of mine found a beautiful blue point Siamese cat on a city street. He looked as though he'd been out on his own for a while, but he was very friendly and obviously ready to be taken home, which is what my friend did.

She fell in love with him and gave him his name, Buddy, because he was such a good pal. However, he didn't get along with her other two cats.

When I first heard about this, I thought, "Oh, the poor kitty. The other two cats are mean to him."

But the truth was just the opposite. He wanted to be "top cat" in the house and was terrorizing the others. So Buddy came to live with us.

All the wonderful things you read about Siamese cats could have been written about him: friendly, social, vocal, affectionate, smart, curious, adventurous ... I could go on and on.

He gets along with everyone including the neighborhood dogs. I even have a photo of Buddy touching noses with a deer!

From street cat to beloved pet and buddy - that's Buddy's tale.

Reply from Caroline:

What a lovely happy-ever-after-story!

That's a great photo of Buddy in the cycle carrier. The blue point is one of my favorite Siamese cat colors - I adore their smoky blue-gray coloring and they always seem, to me, to have a slight air of surprise about them.

Very interesting that Buddy is friendly with the local dogs and has touched noses with a deer - my own cat, Bandit, seems to be quite pally with the local foxes, although this does scare me sometimes! He's quite capable of holding his own with them though.

Thank you so much for sharing Buddy's 'tail'.

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Jan 19, 2016
Thanks to all of you
by: Rocky's mom

As I read these stories tears run down my face. I am SO very thankful to those of you who are sharing your stories of your adopted Siamese cats. You see, I lost my beloved seal point Siamese boy about five years ago now.

One summer day he got out and I was never able to locate him. I continue to look for him but know it is hopeless. So as I read these stories of rescued cats finding loving adopted homes I tell myself that my beloved Rocky was one of them and is now your beloved Siamese boy.

Thanks to all of you, and thank you to the special someone that I believe now has my special boy and is loving and caring for him in his forever home. Thank you all again for posting as it gives hope to us who have lost our loving pets.

Note from Caroline: I'm so sorry you lost your Rocky; it's devastating when a cat goes missing and you don't know what has happened to him, but in the absence of any other news, it's good to hold onto the hope and belief that someone else took the cat in and loves him as you did. My own boy Bandit was a rescue and came to me when he was about four or five; he's now thirteen or fourteen - very happy, very spoiled, and very loved. I wish the same for your Rocky.

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