A tale of three kitties

Three of the cats we've owned have had really interesting name choices. All Siamese, we waited to see what interesting traits each kitten had when we brought them home and then decided what their name should be.

The first interesting name choice was our cat named Rocky. My mother works at a veterinary clinic in our home town, so quite often abandoned kittens fall into her lap. Most of the time she finds them great new homes, but this time, the home would be ours.

Rocky was an abandoned half Siamese kitten that a woman found in a field near her home. He had some sort of eye infection that caused his eyes to swell shut completely, giving him a very similar appearance to Rocky Balboa after his fight with Apollo Creed. Even though his eyes eventually healed, the name stuck.

The second interesting name choice was for our third Siamese cat named Damien. You may recognize the name from the movie "The Omen", where the character by that name is the Antichrist. Well, to be completely honest, that's what this little terror was, the Antichrist.

The third and final interesting name choice we have is our current Siamese cat, who is named Mickey. Upon his arrival into our home, we saw that his eyes were such a stunning blue, even for a Siamese. Because of that, we decided to name him after the movie "Mickey Blue Eyes".

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