AimeeZoe Siamese

Seal Point Boy

Seal Point Boy

AimeeZoe Siamese is located just South of Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK.

We are a breeder of Siamese and Oriental bi-colour kittens. We do not breed many kittens a year but we enjoy every minute with them and our aim is to breed wonderful healthy sociable kittens that will give so much love and enrich the lives of the family that they move on to live with.

We breed the Red series, Torties, Blue and Lilac Siamese and bi-colour Orientals.

The average price of our kittens is £850. Each kitten is provided with initial insurance, and a kitten starter pack including food.

We are fully registered with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF), and part of the GCCF Breeder Scheme for Siamese Cats.

To contact this breeder:

Please use the details below or visit the breeder's own website using the link provided:

AimeeZoe Siamese
Near Doncaster, South Yorkshire
Christine Martin
Tel: 07775 580574


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