Alice chooses what she eats!

by Tamara
(Vancouver, Canada)

Alice and her guinea pig friend Quiz

Alice and her guinea pig friend Quiz

I have an eight-and-a-half month old lilac point Siamese (though she's a wee bit darker than most lilacs, but not dark enough to be any other point colour).

She loves to choose what food she eats in the morning for breakfast. I'll give her a choice of two different mini-cans, and she never picks the same one twice in a row!

I'll tell her "OK Alice, what do you want for breakfast?" and she'll sit there a moment, then stand and rub up against the can she wants!

I didn't even teach her this, that's the funny thing. She just started doing it one day when I'd have the cans in my hand.

Does anyone else's Siamese do this? I thought it was a neat thing to share. She also loves cat grass, celery, and stealing my guinea pig's hay!

Reply from Caroline:

Clever Alice! That's a great story, Tamara, and she's a beautiful cat.

I love lilac point Siamese (well, actually, I guess I love all the different point colors) and I love the picture of Alice with guinea pig Quiz!

Alice looks as if she has white tips to her paws - does she have some Snowshoe in her?

My own cat will come running from half a mile away when I open a can of sardines or other fish, and definitely prefers soft food to biscuits, but I've never known him choose from an unopened can. I must try this sometime!

Anyone else? Does your cat choose their own breakfast or dinner? Tell us by using the 'Post Comments' link below ...

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Comments for Alice chooses what she eats!

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Nov 29, 2011
Pick Your Own Food
by: Anonymous

I have a seal point Siamese and an orange tabby. I give them each a lil canned food for their breakfast every morning, and yes they rub on the cans that they too want to eat! So cute and so spoiled!

Nov 29, 2011
RE: Alice and Quiz
by: Tamara

Hey, thanks for the reply!

I'm not sure what else she has in her; she also has very faint stripes half way up her tail, on her thighs and a bit on her legs. She has white toes on the front, and white boots on the back :)

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