by Emiony

Gonna take a nap

Gonna take a nap

Four days ago I bought a Siamese cat. The seller told us she might be pregnant ... now we found out that it might be for real as her abdomen is starting to enlarge and the nipples are so obvious.

It's my first time adopting a Siamese but already I love her, still I'm not satisfied cause she doesn't play ... maybe it's because of her pregnancy! She sleeps a lot, and wakes up only for eating or going to the bathroom.

The seller told me that she is nine months old. I'm waiting for her to give birth to see if she is gonna play or still be lazy! I cannot tell which colour she is or which body shape type?

I wanna know if it's normal that much sleep due to her pregnancy or what? She has a good appetite and seems in good health, she is so affectionate and became so attached to me in these few days ..

She has blue sea-like eyes, and dark brownish points. I'm confused about her colour.

Reply from Caroline:

Welcome Emiony and Amourette! What a lovely name and you are our very first visitors from Egypt, I think.

At nine months old you'd normally expect a Siamese cat to be full of energy and mischief, so the reason Amourette is so sleepy is very probably due to her pregnancy.

That said, all cats sleep a lot, on average for about seventeen hours a day! I would suggest, though, that you get her checked out by a vet just to make sure that everything's OK.

Did the seller give you any idea when the kittens might be due? Siamese cats are normally pregnant for around 65 days or just over nine weeks. Their nipples start to swell at around three to four weeks.

Amourette is very pretty. Her body type is the Classic Siamese shape and to me, she looks like a Chocolate Point - her coloring looks a little too pale for her to be a Seal Point, but she may still darken as she gets older.

The way to tell for sure is to check the pads of her paws - Seal Points have dark brown paw pads; Chocolate Points have pinkish-brown paw pads, which you can see in the photo of the Chocolate Point Siamese cat here.

Good luck, I hope you have fun with Amourette and her kittens (you might want to talk to your vet about having her spayed once she's had this litter.)

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Aug 30, 2011
Beautiful kitty
by: Yum Yum's mom

She is not going to be jumping around with a tummy full of babies. She is an applehead. Be sure she eats Royal Canin to build good strong bones, the super market food is called kitty crack, has lots of filler and corn added. Hope you have taken her to your vet, if she has parasites it may hurt the babies. You are so lucky.

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