Baby Blue

by Krista
(Geneva, Ohio)

Blue eyes - the lighting didn't do them justice

Blue eyes - the lighting didn't do them justice

My boyfriend's grandmother had a black and white cat who had a litter. In this litter there were three Siamese-looking cats, one black and one that was black and brown.

I fell in love with one of the Siamese-looking kittens and soon took him home. I still can't believe that my "Siamese" cat came from a black and white mother!

I named him Baby Blue because of his eyes. We mostly call him Blue nowadays cause he's growing quickly.

I've never seen such a greedy cat when it comes to food; he will literally eat the cat food I set out and then move on to the dog's food. He absolutely loves water too, and will play in the water dish before finally taking a drink!

I am just wondering if he would be considered a Siamese because of his mother? He has a pink undertone to his paw pads and is more chocolate in color so I am assuming he would be a Chocolate point?

Reply from Caroline:

Hi Krista, and thank you so much for your pictures of Baby Blue. Many people find it a little difficult to tell the difference between Chocolate and Seal points so yours is a great question.

Yes, Blue is probably a Chocolate point. The paw pads are the easiest way to tell, as Chocolate point Siamese have a definite pink undertone to their pads whereas Seal point paw pads are dark brown.

The other telling factor is Blue's coat, which is very pale; Chocolate points tend to keep this very pale, whitish coat throughout their lives.

If you look across at the picture of the Chocolate point near the top of the right-hand column, you can see that it looks very like Blue, whereas the Seal point above it has a much darker coat - something that tends to happen as Seal points get older.

As to whether Blue is 'Siamese' or not ... well, officially, he'd be considered a Siamese mix or Siamese cross rather than a purebred Siamese, so you wouldn't be able to show or register him, but he certainly looks very Siamese!

I had to laugh at your comment about his eating habits, as my own Siamese cat would also probably eat all day if we let him!

Blue looks lovely and he's lucky to have found a loving home with you; I hope you have many more happy years with him.

For more about Siamese colors and behavior, see:

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