Blue Point, in Need of a Home

by Marion
(Bermagui, Australia)

I was ten years old, begging my parents - 'if I can't have a horse or a dog, can I please have a cat?'

The answer was always - too much work, too much of a commitment.

And then one day when I came home from school I found in the kitchen next to the door a little food bowl, a water bowl and a cat toilet.

My heart raced, my face lit up with a smile from ear to ear. I ran to the lounge room and started to look for ... possibly a cat?

I searched the room and as I jumped on the couch and looked behind it I came face to face with the most beautiful blue eyes. She was a cat like I had never seen before.

I learned from my father that he helped someone moving house to migrate overseas and the last thing left was the cat. At their request to take this cat and find it a new home, it finally happened!

This cat, a champion Blue Point Shorthair Siamese with many ribbons from shows was named Sheba. She soon became my best friend.

I walked her with a small harness on a lead. She rode on the back of my pushbike, she came sailing on our boat during the holidays. We even took her to restaurants with us.

She was my soul mate. We had many conversations where she would answer me back or tell me when something wasn't right for her. Clever and playful, even alerting us when she heard noises outside.

It didn't matter where I went or what the family did, as long as she could come she was happy.

Loyal and alert like a dog, loving and gentle, but with the courage to defend me if dad wrestled with me. Yes, she would attack my father if things were getting too rough in her opinion!

She reached the age of eighteen years. When she finally passed on it was a great loss to our family.

She was an amazing feline lady who still lives on in our memories.

Reply from Caroline:

What a great story, Marion! It's amazing how Siamese cats get so deep under our skin, isn't it? And live on in our memories for years afterwards.

Sheba sounded like a very well-traveled and sophisticated cat! And beautiful, too. I love Blue Points and I bet that as a Champion Blue she was gorgeous.

Thanks so much for sharing your memories of her.

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