Bolshoi Boris

by Harriet
(Houston TX)

I met Boris when he was being kept on a bite hold at the local pound (a bum rap; he didn't bite anyone). When his quarantine was up, he had nowhere to go, so I agreed to foster him.

He's definitely the big traditional type, round-headed and nearly 14 pounds, but a gentle giant withal; he avoids other adult cats but plays well with foster kittens.

His antecedents are unknown; he was found hanging around a feral cat colony and taken in for neutering by the colony caretaker.

After moving in with us, he was shy and retiring at first, but over several months he blossomed and began reclaiming his Siamese heritage, learning to vocalize and be more outgoing.

He had no name on arrival, but his frosty coloring suggested the Russian steppes, so I chose "Boris" and added "bolshoi", which is Russian for large, great, or grand.

He is definitely all three!

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Jan 27, 2014
by: Anonymous

Your cat looks to me like a crossbreed. I once owned three females, and when one got out when she was coming in to heat she produced kittens that had her cry, but not her coat. He may have Siamese behaviors and sounds, but the coloring is overall, not points.

Jan 04, 2013
Nice cat
by: Jumior

I read your story and it reminds me of mine, I love rescue cats and kittens as well. I own one Siamese kitten - name's Coquito, it means coconuts, lol, and my grand mother breeds them. She owns five of them.

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