Boo Boo Story!

by Kenny
(Spokane, WA)

Our 4-year-old lynx point Siamese is something else. We've had several pets over the years and I've never seen anything like him.

He has NEVER ONCE disobeyed a command to "come" when we tell him. From anywhere in the house at any time. My friends and family have us call him by "come" every time they come over for their own amusement. Although this isn't unheard of the 100% success rate is rather intriguing.

Our favorite story of Boo was one summer day last year. It was hot and we had the front door in the living room open and both the slider and screen open in the kitchen to the deck. Boo loves to come bolting through (many times "growling" as he zooms through) showing us how fast and playful he is.

Well, Mom shut the screen door to the kitchen to keep the bugs out and Boo became a 15 m.p.h. accordion.

We felt so bad but knowing he was OK could not stop laughing at his clumsiness. The look on this cat's face directed towards us for laughing is something I will never forget.

He truly is our family...basically runs this house ... and is a very funny and loving son.

Kenny & Kristina

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Jan 22, 2013
Is my seal point insane?
by: Simba's servent

So, I'm out front of my house watering the lawn. Simba, my seal point,loves to watch.

A large dog goes zooming by on the side walk. Simba takes off after the dog! My insane cat reaches the end of the road, and then the dog chases Simba!

They take turns doing this for about five minutes. Is my cat insane? This happens whenever this dog gets loose!

Simba's dad

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