Crede (Red Point Siamese) and Carlos (Orange Tabby)

by Karen Foiles



What?? Oh Woe is Me... Carlos and Crede - One Week Home

Crede our red point Siamese was maybe three when he picked us out at the animal shelter. He had such a sad meow. He was a little shy at first but now, three years later, he's made himself right at home.

Well, Crede needed company as my husband and I worked all day and we noticed he was getting a little lonely. I saw an ad in the local newspaper that a family's cat had a litter of kittens and the Mom of the house emailed me the picture. She said no-one wanted this poor little orange six-week old tabby and we fell in love with him right away.

She brought him over and Crede and Carlos became "brothers from another mother" (lol!) Carlos is now two and a half years old and they are inseparable.

They were named after our favorite baseball players... lol!

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