Evermead Siamese

Belle, seal point Siamese

Belle, seal point Siamese

Evermead Siamese is located in Bardwell, Kentucky.

We raise healthy, robust, traditional-style Siamese (and occasionally Balinese) kittens. We have all four point colors - seal, blue, chocolate and lilac. We occasionally have tortie, cream, and red points.

Our cats are part of our family and raised underfoot in our home. Our kittens are allowed to go to their new homes at twelve weeks of age.

Evermead Cattery is a FeLV/FIV-free cattery and is registered with the Cat Fancier's Federation.

To contact this breeder:

Please use the details below or visit the breeder's own website using the link provided:

Evermead Siamese
Bardwell, Kentucky
Kristina Young
Tel: 270-328-4679
Email: evermeadsiamese@aol.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/evermeadsiamese
Website: http://evermeadcattery.wix.com/evermeadcattery


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