He Was Waiting For Me

by Karen
(Clearwater, Florida)

I adopted a chocolate point Snowshoe kitten (I don't know why he's called a Snowshoe because he doesn't have white paws, but that's what the papers say) from a local cat shelter.

So here's the story on how I got Taboo, or should I say, how Taboo got me.

I was searching for a cat online - saw one and immediately called the shelter. The cat I was inquiring about was already taken so I proceeded to ask about other cats while I scrolled through the pictures, only to be shot down with every cat I suggested.

The lady said I was more than welcome to come in and take a look at the other cats that she hadn't gotten up on the site yet, so I agreed. She asked me if I had any other pets and I said yes, two dogs.

As we were talking, I heard this amazing little voice and couldn't help but giggle and ask her about the cat behind it.

Here's the story on Taboo's past; his mother was hit by a car and he has a sister and brother, all bottle-fed. Taboo was hit by a human when they came in to get another kitten, and he has a spot on his little nose that has no fur now.

(Needless to say that human didn't get a cat but a court date.)

I told the lady on the phone that I wanted him and that I was on my way. She said - but you haven't seen him yet - "I don't care" I responded. We hung up and I grabbed my purse and car keys.

My son wanted to come along as I explained what I was doing and where I was going. We showed up to find another couple wanting to adopt him. I was crushed and the look on my face showed it. I asked the lady why she said he would be held for me when she was letting someone else take him.

Taboo heard my voice and let himself be heard also. He struggled to get out of the other people's arms and right into mine burying his face in my armpit. He was letting the other humans know he was forbidden to go with them.

I wanted to shout at the top of my lungs off the tallest building "he's mine", but I contained myself until the lady told the couple that they couldn't adopt him because he had chosen his new mommy.

Tears came to my eyes as Taboo lifted his tiny head and rubbed my nose with his. I signed all the paperwork, paid the lady and took my little bundle of joy home.

Then came the shopping for all his new stuff. Food, potty box, treats and toys. Oh the toys, I couldn't forget those!

Taboo is three months old now and the family feels complete ... for now!

Reply from Caroline:

Thanks so much for your story, Karen, it was lovely to 'meet' Taboo. I agree with you, he doesn't look like a Snowshoe and from his photos he almost looks more like a blue or lilac lynx point than a chocolate point.

But it's always a little difficult to tell color from photos, and he's a darling, whatever his color.

I do think that our cats often choose us, rather than the other way round - it certainly sounds as if Taboo definitely 'chose' you!

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Comments for He Was Waiting For Me

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Apr 14, 2014
Cat Love
by: Dana Wirth

Tears came to my eyes as I read your story. It is just amazing how animals relay what they want. My Grandma told me I brought my first kitten home shortly after I had learned to walk. She said it was a really scroungy stray kitten but I wouldn't let it go.

She cleaned it up and thus Tom was my first, but not last, cat. Tom lived with us for several years but one day an evil neighbor put poisoned meat out and that was the end of my Tom.

I have inherited several cats from horrible neighbors who moved and left their cats. One was a big grey and white neutered male. What a surprise when he brought me a filthy, flea-ridden kitten. I got the kitten cleaned up and he was there to stay. Jeffrey treated him just like he was his own kitten, it was so sweet.

We were together for quite a while but I had to move to another town and couldn't take the cats. Luckily I found a family from church that was willing to take them both. I'm sure they lived a long happy life together.

My current fuzzy family is fantastic and one of my boys is a Snowshoe. I agree that your kitty is a Lynx/Tabby. I have done so much research about my cat because at the shelter they told me he was a Siamese but I knew he was something else so I started the research and found the Snowshoe. He is a beauty and a big love bug.

He had bonded with a little blue tuxedo at the shelter so they both came home. We are now living very happily together; hopefully for a long time

I wish the best of luck and love to you and your fuzzy bundle of love.

Dec 20, 2012
Taboo !
by: Susan

He is really beautiful isn't he - and he is going to get even more beautiful in the next two years!

Our Saffy [Safira] chose us too on the river beach here in Portugal, two years ago, and she is such a cuddly cat.

Congratulations on such a sweetie - and good for the shelter lady on handing him to the right people!

Dec 06, 2012
by: Karen

After finding your site Caroline, I have to agree with you. I was thinking Lilac/Lynx myself.

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