Homer and Kelsey - My Siamese 'Twins'

by Katie
(Waterloo, Ontario)

Hey guys! As you can see from the picture I have two Siamese cats. The Lilac Point is Homer and the Chocolate Point is Kelsey.

They both have a very unique behavior. No matter where they are in the house, if someone yells 'squirrel' they come running.

Kelsey also loves to open a cabinet door in our kitchen where our garbage is. She will sit there and just stare into the space. I believe this behavior was learned because we've had mice a few times under there.

Homer is definitely just as inquisitive as his sister. He has been found in a few strange places like the drier and the dishwasher. I believe his favourite place to sit is on my mom when she's watching TV.

Kelsey is definitely the smarter of the two. We got them when they were about six weeks old and we had them home less than a day and she figured out how to get over the barriers we set up.

She jumped on top of the cat carrier in the kitchen, then over the bristle board barrier! My brother found her on top of the couch in the family room.

Perhaps the cutest thing they used to do was ride in the hoods of my brother's and my sweatshirts as we walked around the kitchen.

They are definitely very vocal cats and love to play together, sometimes chasing each other around the house.

I sometimes get worried about that, though, because Homer has asthma and he goes into these horrendous asthma attacks where it sounds like he can't breathe.

Let me tell you, life with the Siamese twins is never dull!

Reply from Caroline:

Thanks for telling us about your 'Siamese cat twins', Katie! The idea of them coming running when you shout 'squirrel' is wonderful - we've trained our Siamese cat to come back to a dog whistle, but he's not too bothered about squirrels. He does love mice, though! And, like Homer and Kelsey, he's very good at opening doors.

I'm sorry to hear about Homer's asthma - it's frightening watching a cat having an asthma attack. You might find some of the articles on this Feline Asthma website helpful.

For more about the colors in this article and others, see:

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