Kitties of Time

by LizEllen
(Ashland KY)

Winger as a kitten

Winger as a kitten

Hyde, my mom's black Siamese became a Hospice Volunteer after I ended up with him after mom's funeral. Hyde had a call for each of us and Dad could not take him calling for Mom.

He visited my neighbors, one of who ended up in Hospice, setting off Hyde's career. He lived with me and mine and if a cat used to medical gear was needed he spent the day with Hospice.

As his collar had his ID I got the nicest letters from folk I never met. His death was traumatic - we loved our 'animated stuffed animal' as a family member.

In 2011 my old Chippercat went out for the last time. As a kitten he famously destroyed a door to join me on the porch and tended to zip out for his constitutional and only go inside in snow and rain. A raccoon, also out, ran into poor old Chippercat. We buried him in tears.

Sunshine, a cat who lived nearby was desperate to find homes for her surviving kittens, Spook and Ghostie so she dropped them on my porch. I wasn't ready so I found them homes - I had other cats dropped off on my road.

I had always wanted a Siamese. I found a breeder in Columbus, put the cash on the barrel and picked up a bundle of fur with blue eyes who since that day runs the house.

Winger (named for Columbus Hockey) wakes me of a morning, uses the treadmill after I am done, shares the yogurt and paper (he likes laying on it) and in the evenings watches TV and curls up to sleep in the bed. He also serves as the interior decorator, moving objects around the house.

Winger helps re-orient the strays from the road and supervises their inside skills, and once firmly carried a kitten (who needed more work) out to the screened porch. His work with Princess, Next, Scruffy and Beater (the kitten) is recognized by my local shelter, as every cat we train gets rehomed.

Reply from Caroline:

Thanks so much for the story of your cats, LizEllen, and for the photos of Winger. He certainly sounds like quite a character and I love the thought of him 'training' the local strays!

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Apr 04, 2016
This year Winger Became "Ambassador" of Kingsbrook Lifecare Center
by: LizEllen

Update from LizEllen and Winger.

Winger now visits Kingsbrook 2x a week. My secretary Goldie knew Hyde had been a Hospice volunteer, so when she was caged in a nursing home she wanted him to visit her.

We met Janet in the hallway, she had to give up her cat coming in. Then Jean, who can stroke him forward and backward and he just purrs - he seems to get she has had a series of strokes.

We met Sherry in the hall - she cried as she'd lost her cats moving in. When she texted her granddaughter she'd met a cat the family thought she'd gone over the edge!

He also visits Georgina who loves all cat pictures and videos. So like Hyde, who became a Feline Hospice Volunteer, Winger is now referred to by front office as the Kingsbrook Ambassador Cat!

Jun 15, 2015
Update to Kitties of Time
by: LizEllen

Winger kept going to the window of an evening. I'd get up and see an orangey streak. Sometimes a skinny orange cat watching me pull out of a morning.

Winger started leaving half his cat food and pushing the bowl to the door. I took the hint and put out a bowl of kibble on the drive and within a week was petting Lostie.
As we regularly do, I wormed him with Blissful wet food. Then de-flea'd him. He returned. Then the ears which he hated but let me do. If I get ears I know it's a winner.

So I hung the screening up on the porch and started feeding Lostie there. My foot on the porch had him bounding out. Then cautiously the door opening to the kitchen. Lostie was a perfect gentleman as Winger showed him around. Then it was time to get Lostie up to the Shelter. He was adopted two days later as he had his history on the cage. Had Winger not noted this lost starving cat and alerted me Louis would not be in his forever home!

Apr 30, 2015
April Meezer Musings
by: Sarah

I really enjoyed this month's newsletter. It always warms my heart to hear about how other people are doing with their meezers. Everything I do in the house is a group activity too. I wouldn't have it any other way!

On a down note, I have gone through two cellular phone chargers now. We were amazed that they were able to eat right through them and not get electrocuted. I found out that as long as I don't let the cords dangle, they have no interest in them. I loved the ideas that were posted. I also have sock thief in my house; he runs right to me as soon as I open the drawer!

Happy spring, Caroline. Better weather is ahead :)

Apr 30, 2015
Loving Siamese
by: Gina

I read the Meezer Musings whenever it comes out with so much pleasure. I have two of my own, Lily and Ella. The story about pica was interesting to me because Lily chews on things, while Ella has no interest in chewing unless it is food. Boxes & plastic bags are of most interest, thankfully clothes & furniture are not.

I laughed when I read the story about Meezers being where you are. Ella is a velcro kitty - she sticks to me, using me as a pillow and also as a ladder to reach the higher points in the house. If I allow it, she will lay over my shoulder and go from room to room with me.

I love both my girls dearly and enjoy so much reading the stories of other people who love their Meezers, too.

Apr 29, 2015
The Siamese habit
by: Gwyn

I love your description of Winger, he sounds to be the typical Siamese, heavily into whatever you are.

I've noticed that almost everything you do around the house as a matter of habit gets adopted by your Siamese. Your laptop/tablet is a wonderful place to doze - but only when you are trying to use it, your newspaper is only interesting for as long as you are trying to read it and so on.

Having a history of Siamese spreading several generations, even visiting the bathroom became group activities! I am hard pressed to do anything routine about the house without remembering a quirk from one Siamese or another over the years - they are all individuals and each firmly make their indelible mark on you.

Make no mistake your Siamese are with you for life - your life not theirs, they make sure of that! I'm sure yours will be no different.

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