Lenny, a Cat Named After My Dad

by Candis Hussey

I named my cat Lenny after my Dad, whom I lost in 2006. She acts like my Dad in so many ways, it is so cute! It took a lot of searching to find the right kitten, but after a five hour drive I got to hold my six-week-old Lenny. :)

She is loved and adored by the whole family including my other pets.

I am still a little scared at the fact she thinks she is a person (lol) she eats anything and everything, jumps into bubble baths, sucks on our hair when she is ready to go to sleep, and loves all her toys including straws and many of our things (lol lol).

She is a huge morning cat who likes to be talked to and stroked.

Lenny will be one in March 2011, we are very excited to watch her grow. I am currently searching for the next perfect Siamese!

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