Lil Bit

I just got my kitten yesterday. Her mother is a solid black domestic short hair. The vet thinks my baby is likely part Siamese on her father's side.

Any thoughts on what kind of kitty she may be?

Reply from Caroline:

What a very cute kitty!

To me, Lil Bit, with her white paws and nose, looks more like a Snowshoe than a Siamese, so I think her Dad could possibly have been a Snowshoe, or perhaps a Snowshoe/Siamese mix.

Check out the link above, because I think your kitten looks quite like the picture of the prize-winning Snowshoe on that page.

As you will see, Snowshoes have blue eyes like Siamese cats do, but the shape of their eyes is rounder than the shape of Siamese eyes, which should be almond-shaped.

It will be fascinating to see how Lil Bit develops as she gets older. Do please pop back from time to time (if you'd like to) to share photos of her as she grows up.

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Dec 02, 2017
Black Siamese
by: Anonymous

You could also check into the mother - sometimes people mislabel black shorthairs as they can also be a black Siamese or have it in them. All of my Siamese kittens came from an all black mother and a Siamese Snowshoe father and many of them look like that one <3

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