Livy, My Miracle Cat

by Joanne Latko
(Pompano Beach, Fl USA)

My wife and I adopted Olivia from our vet when she was brought in for euthanasia! She was a 5-year-old chocolate point Siamese.

She had swallowed many elastic hair ties and needed surgery for the second time - she also had an upper respiratory infection, or so it seemed. Surgery went well but the respiratory infection persisted. After several trials of antibiotics it turned out to be nasal lymphoma.

We had had her for only a few days but decided to proceed with radiation, followed by chemotherapy. Olivia did great for a couple of years but the lymphoma recurred. Radiation treatment was again performed with success!

Soon after, Livy developed inflammatory bowel disease which became her main problem. This was coupled with frequent bouts of upper respiratory issues - this sweet cat was on 5 or 6 medications daily along with nebulizer treatment every day.

She loved to travel, and went on many vacations with us while her fur siblings remained at home. Olivia was tiny but weighing only six pounds, she ruled the roost!

She passed away on January 10, 2022, just two months shy of her 13th birthday. She beat the odds with nasal lymphoma and lived nearly 8 years after diagnosis but unfortunately she was too tired to go on, as the IBD continued to give her problems.

Olivia was a lesson in courage with grace, and always with a pleasant temperament. We were honored to love such a cat and to have received her love in return.

RIP, little Livy.

Reply from Caroline:

Joanne, thank you so much for your lovely story about Livy! She really was a remarkable cat to have survived lymphoma twice - not to mention the ongoing issues with inflammatory bowel disease (which must have been very tough to manage) along with the respiratory issues.

It sounds as if she had an extraordinary life and it's great that she got a chance to travel and go on vacations with you. Thank you for taking that initial chance with her and giving her that amazing life.

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