Lucy & Sammy - Our Beautiful Chocolate and Seal Points

by Rosalyn
(Hewitt, NJ)

Lucy and Sammy

Lucy and Sammy

I've always loved the beauty and personality of Siamese, but my conscience always made me adopt from shelters. I lost one of my kitties to illness in '09 (RIP Pearly) and her sister Boo was all alone. I finally decided to get two Siamese kittens.

Meet Sammy and Lucy (born 3/25/10) - their father was a Chocolate point and their mom was a Seal point. They are so adorable, loving and playful and I can't imagine my life without them!

It took my older cat Boo quite a while to adjust to the energy they have, but they seem to have finally come to an understanding.

My stepdaughter said, "they're so busy it seems like there's six of them!" They are so curious and everywhere you want to be! They also love getting into trouble, but they're so cute I can't get mad at them.

My husband once said to me, "Oh, look - they're being bad. Why don't you give them another hug?" And I did :)

Reply from Caroline:

Thank you so much, Rosalyn, for sharing your pictures of Sammy and Lucy – they're very pretty kitties! And particularly cute peeking over the top of that cat tree together.

I agree that adopting older cats from shelters is desirable but there's something so very appealing about kittens that I can quite see why you got these two. I'm glad Boo eventually came to terms with the two new and lively Siamese kittens in her life.

I wonder how their color will change as they get older? Seal point coats generally darken with age, whereas Chocolate points tend to stay paler over the years.

For more information on colors, see:

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Sep 19, 2015
Beau and Belle
by: Jean

Beau is seal point and Belle is chocolate. My husband died last year, this brother and sister have given me a reason to go on. Belle is very nervous, hates to be picked up. Beau is a confident typical seal point. A real Mummy's boy, wanted lots of cuddles and a lap to sit on. He does not like making room for Belle.

They sleep cuddled up together. If she can't find him she cries pitifully. They go out in the garden, but I stay with them. They are desperate to get over the fence. They understand the word NO and respond to it. They are nine months now and I think fully grown.

Jan 18, 2015
by: Lorraine

So loyal and loving, he took care of my mum. Mum passed 2014, he would wake me biting my hand to wake me when she was ill. He sat on her bed for 28 hours till she died. If he could talk he would say 'done me job' - he now lives with a Macmillan nurse we befriended 'cause I had a dog he didn't like.

I still see him from time to time, he is so happy I'm so proud of you Tupps. Love him always.

Oct 24, 2011
Sammy & Lucy
by: Rosalyn

Thanks for posting my babies! They have changed color with maturity. I have so many pics of them it was hard to pick just four to submit.

Here is a link to their photo album on Photobucket.

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