More Siamese Cat Behavior Stories

Every so often I get sent stories about people's cats (Siamese and others) that may not be quite long enough to give them a whole page to themselves, but I do enjoy reading them and I don't want to ignore them.

So here they are ... I hope you enjoy reading them too. And if you have any thoughts on why the cats below are acting as they do - your comments are, as always, very welcome!

Many thanks to everyone who sent in the stories below.

My Beautiful Girls
(Lynn in Rockhampton, Australia)

I have 2 very special girls, Kitty and Kandy. Both are blue points, full blood sisters and nine months apart. They both like to fetch balls. I can spend almost all day or night throwing their favourite balls and they fetch them back to me to throw again.

Why In And Out?
(Misty, Kenneth City, Florida)

Frankie - bright blue eyes like Frank Sinatra - always stands at the doors to go in or out. Once out, he wants right back in, once in, he wants right back out.

He was abandoned and abused and he is definitely MY cat (or should I say I am his human ...) Dogs have people, cats have staff!

I love him dearly and love the fact that he has chosen me to be his - why does he want out and in so frequently - is it because he feels trapped and needs a way out or is he just indecisive?

Any info at this point would be appreciated...

Cheeky Chick
(Cath, Sydney, Australia)

My seal point Siamese - Chai - who answers to "Chicky", is a very LOUD boy, and a very BOSSY one. He always wants to get under the bed covers - but he has a very irritating habit. I get a gentle bat on my nose and if I don't respond I get a very LOUD YEOOOW in my face (not nice at 3am).

He goes under the cover (that I hold up), sniffs, turns around, and then goes back out. Two seconds later - same thing. I have to close my eyes very tightly, put my head under the covers (including my arms), and play dead.

Otherwise, Mr Monster Pants will nibble at my arm and generally chuck a total Weezie tantrum if I don't respond to him. He can do it up to four times in a row. Sometimes I want to kill him - but I love him so much, I just fake dead to the world!

My New Seal Point
(Chuxk, Central City, Pennsylvania)

My 11 week old seal point, being as intelligent as she is, has learned how to pull the string to turn on the lamp in the living room.

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Sep 24, 2017
To Misty
by: Anonymous

I think the reason your cat wants to go in and out is because when you close the door they get upset that you are taking away an option- after all, you have no right to lock them out of part of THEIR territory 😁

Sep 01, 2014
Sammy and Windhowl, the "technophile" and the "language junkie"
by: Mitzy

A few months ago, my uncle, who lives with us, adopted a pair of Siamese kittens - two toms that we named Sammy and Windhowl.

Sammy is very much a technophile and has learned to "type" on our laptops and likes to press his nose against the bottom screen of my 3DS after seeing me play it. Outside of his "technological adventures", Sammy loves to fetch any cat toys we throw to him.

Windhowl, on the other hand, is my little language junkie. I've actually been able to get him to respond to a few commands in Spanish as well as English.

Nov 15, 2012
Playing "Fort"
by: Lawst

My Siamese, Watt, loved to crawl under the covers with me when he was a kitten. Like Chicky, I found this very annoying at 3 a.m., especially with the Very Loud demands.

My solution was to make him a "fort" on the other side of the bed using a couple pillows to create a tunnel. He loved it.

Now that he's grown up (more like grown bigger, he's still as busy as he ever was) he's mostly content to lay at the foot of the bed at night but once in a while he still wants to play "fort".

He lets me know by digging at the blankets and trying to crawl under. I'll ask "fort?" which usually gets me his "YES!" vocalisation. So up goes the blankets on pillows. There are rare, but fun, occasions when this isn't quite good enough and he wants full participation from me.

Yes, I use the cat as an excuse to be a grown woman making blanket forts in my living room. I guess I haven't quite grown up either ... Watt won't let me!

Aug 30, 2012
Blue Point owns me!
by: Anonymous

My seven-year-old Blue Point Siamese is a bossy monster. He is very affectionate but won't take no for an answer. When I am sewing and he wants to sit on me (every night!) He shoves and pushes to get the scissors and cotton off my knee ... then jumps on.

If I try to push him off, he pushes back! Right now, he is crushed between my arm and the laptop because he won't take no for an answer and the laptop is too heavy for him to shove off!

His little arms are hanging over my keyboard.

Feb 17, 2011
Tyson the Brat
by: tom warner

I have this brat cat Siamese named Tyson. He's a little stinker. He comes running when I say Mousie in a high pitched voice, but sometimes when I'm holding him he wants to bite or grab at my nose with his claws. I have to scold him when he does this, a cat biting the end of your nose is a painful thing.

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