Mr Cheeb's

by Ashley
(Madison, WI)

I think Mr. Cheeb's is a Lilac Point Siamese. What is a little odd about him is he does act like a dog. I grew up around dogs and find it peculiar what he does.

He lets me hold him like a baby and pat his butt. He then farts - sometimes you have to leave the room!

He will be at the opposite side of the house and I'll call him and he'll come barreling down the hallway, it's very funny.

I've caught him drinking out of the toilet. He also knows exactly where his treats are even though we move them all the time. He opens the doors and helps himself.

I know this is common amongst cats but he was constantly licking me. I was a bit scared for a while because he was licking the same spot over and over. I ended up going to the doctor about it and it turned out nothing was wrong, but I still go get checked because every now and than he licks that spot again.

I love him very much! We are getting him a sister soon. He will love it! He loves other cats!

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Sep 17, 2010
That's Siamese cat behavior!
by: Caroline (Admin)

Thank you, Ashley for your stories about Mr Cheeb's - I did laugh because my cat does nearly all of the things you mention.

He's especially good at finding his food and we have now had to put it in the highest cupboard in the kitchen, just so that he can't get at it!

Lilac points are gorgeous - do send us some photos of Mr Cheeb's (if you feel like it!)

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