My Cat Can Talk!

by Mya Gray
(San Leandro, Ca)

My name is Mya and I have a 4-year old female Lynx point Siamese cat. Her name is Hyphy and she is every ounce of Hyphy! And here is my story.

I have never liked cats and have always been afraid of them, but 4 years ago my little girl convinced me into letting her have the neighbor's cat.

The neighbor paid a couple hundred for the kitty but was a 911 dispatcher so she didn't have the time to spend at home with the cat. Therefore she would allow the kitty to run free in the house and mess everything up. She tried locking her up in the bathroom, but the kitty would cry (sounding like a newborn baby) in the window until she got the attention of the children playing outside and then she would show off in the big window sill.

Therefore, I agreed to have the kitty as long as my daughter took care of her litter box and keep her in her room. (Hahaha!)

So when my daughter wasn't home the cat would stay in her room or I would close my door and the cat would bounce off the walls and blinds... we Say H** No to Catnip!

So one day I come home on lunch break, I sit down in the bathroom, I hear the cat meowing, and then I hear Hello! Hello! Awww! Hellooo! Hellooo! Then meowing. So I ran out of the house because I was all freaked out. I didn't return until I had my little girl with me. (Of course, when I told her she said, you're crazy, mom!)

So I told my daughter, when we walk in give her about 10-15 seconds, then if you don't open the room door she's going to start crying just like normal, but the talking will come after and just like I said she started saying Hello! Hello! Awww! In addition, she'd meow a little and then stop as long as she didn't hear you make another sound in the house.

I recorded it for the vet and made her an appointment and the vet referred me to the library. Hahaha! (This was after he laughed at me and said my Lynx point Siamese cat was a part of a family of Siamese cats and they are the most dog-like and have been known to say up to 20 words... LOL!)

I went to the library and YouTube and they're very vocal and can talk. WOW! :)

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Apr 01, 2018
Talking cat
by: Mya

Whenever a door is closed. She starts scratching and then begins saying Hello! Hello! Awwww... it’s so cute!

Mar 22, 2018
Human talking cat - no kidding
by: Anonymous

I know what you mean. Our cat Tessa talked - only under extreme duress after we moved house. She was scratching at the door yowling and crying and then she said "oh deeeear, oh noooo, don't want tooo".

I used to open the door for her and if she didn't go out I'd say don't want to. And if I drop something I shout oh dear and oh no. So that's where she learned it. She only said it 3 different times. My daughter heard her too.

Sep 24, 2010
Great communicator!
by: Caroline (Admin)

Thank you for your story and pictures of Hyphy, Mya. She's gorgeous, those are beautiful markings.

And Siamese cats can definitely talk! (Boy, can they talk!)

I think it takes a while for a human to get used to all their various expressions, but my cat uses different sounds for:

"I have caught a mouse and you need to come here and see it NOW" (a very loud, urgent cry)

"I'm extremely hungry and if you don't feed me immediately I will eat YOU" (continuous miaowing, together with a football-tackle of my ankles!)

"I'm comfortable here on your lap and I'd really rather you didn't move" (a low, protesting groan).

And others!

I love Hyphy's window sill bed, by the way. It's wonderful.

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