My First Siamese

by Cynthia

My first Siamese kitten is an Applehead, Leona is her name.

My husband found a breeder in Massachusetts at the time we were living there. He had always told me about Siamese cats. He had had two in the past. As a child I always had a cat, but never a Siamese.

So on Mother's Day 2005 I got this beautiful little Applehead Siamese kitten, eight weeks old.

We wanted a boy kitten, so we thought, but we ended up with a girl! I found out he was a she when I took the kitten to the vet. My vet informed me that we had a girl when we had had the kitten for four days and I was already in love with this tiny little thing.

So we called the breeder and told him that he had given us a girl instead of a boy. He said we could do one of two things - give the kitten back or he would refund our money.

I said I couldn't do that because I loved her and wanted to keep her, so the breeder said he would give us $100 back.

My husband had wanted to name the kitten Babybowzer when we thought we had a boy. So Babybowzer became Leona, my sweet little blue-eyed baby. She is a sweet, loving, tiny girl.

She is now almost seven years old. She is very healthy and spoiled, and a world traveler - we drove across country with her in a '94 Olds Convertible.

Now we live in Florida she likes to go for a walk with her little harness and leash. She is the talk of the block and she knows it!

Would I get another Siamese? Yes, but no other kitty would ever take her place for she is the one and only Leona - the love of my life.

Reply from Caroline:

Welcome Cynthia and thank you for your story about Leona. I've heard of a few people who've had boy kittens when they thought they had girls, or girl kittens when they thought they had boys, so you're not alone!

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