Old-fashioned Siamese cats? The typical old style Siamese

Old-style Siamese are sometimes referred to as old-fashioned Siamese cats because they look like the type of cat that was popular in the 1950s and 1960s.

Cats made famous in films of that era such as Bell Book & Candle, That Darn Cat, and The Incredible Journey - although the body type of the cats used in these films was stockier, and more like the build of an applehead.

Does this actually makes them old-fashioned?

I'm not sure - but these cats did look rather different to the modern, extremely angular body type that's successful in cat shows today.

The look of this type of Siamese lies somewhere between the applehead and the modern, show-style Siamese cat.

An Old Fashioned, Classic Siamese cat

A good example of this body type
photo: © Chexov | Creative Commons

They are sturdy and well-muscled, with a moderate body shape, a moderate wedge-shaped face, and ears that follow the angle of the jaw and are more upright than those of the modern-style cat, which are set at more of a 45° angle.

These cats are longer and not quite as rounded or heavy as the applehead, but not as small, nor as long and thin as the modern Siamese.

Overall they have a balanced look which (to me!) makes them very beautiful.

A good example of an old-fashioned body shape is Clonlost Yo Yo, seen in the picture below. Clonlost YoYo was one of the most successful stud cats of the 1950s.

Today, an attempt is being made by organizations such as the Old Style Siamese Club (OSCC) in the UK, PREOSSIA (the Prestwick-Beresford Old-Style Siamese Breed Preservation Society) in the USA, and others to promote and preserve the much-loved look of this typical Siamese.

Classic Siamese Clonlost Yo Yo

Clonlost Yo Yo
© Sevenoaks Chronicle | Creative Commons

Many breeders are now making a return to the look of this old-fashioned cat. If you're looking for a cat or kitten of this type, the Old Style Siamese Cat Club (UK) or PREOSSIA (USA) maintain kitten lists and will be able to put you in touch with breeders of this type.

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