Rescued Pregnant Siamese Cat - Is Zoey a Snowshoe?

by Lori

Snowshoe Siamese? Zoey and her kittens

Snowshoe Siamese? Zoey and her kittens

Here is Zoey, who we rescued three weeks ago. She just gave birth to seven kittens - all white (the tan one is really white but mama was too tired to clean it thoroughly).

Is she considered a Snowshoe Siamese because of her white paws?

She doesn't have the signature white marking on her snout so I'm not sure. She just has a little white mark under her chin. We are in love with her and will keep her and one kitten.

Do you think her kittens are pure Siamese since they're all white?

We plan to spay/neuter all before adopting them out. Any info on her and her kittens' breed would be helpful. Thanks.

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May 24, 2010
Is Zoey a Snowshoe?
by: Caroline from Life with Siamese Cats

Thanks Lori for your story and picture about Zoey and her kittens.

Certainly, with those white feet, it is likely that Zoey has some Snowshoe genes (Snowshoes were created by crossing Siamese with American Shorthair cats) and as all her kittens are pure white, it is again likely that they have Siamese genes.

It's not possible to tell, without proper registration papers, whether the kittens are purebred Siamese or not - the best you'll be able to say is that they look like Siamese (or Snowshoes).

You'll be able to tell more about the kittens as they develop and their point color starts to show - they may turn out to be Snowshoes like their Mama!

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