Savannah (a Flame Point Siamese)

by andylynn

Savannah was a rescue, but my word she has all the qualities of a Southern Belle.

She really has many of the qualities of Scarlett O'Hara - stubborn, self-entitled, kind of a brat, wilful, smart, beautiful and just a lovable pain in the ass!

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Jun 26, 2015
Savvy update
by: andylynn

Ha! I reread my original post and thought "Geez that's a little harsh"! Let me explain, her predecessor was an eighteen-year-old old blind tabby who suffered from advanced renal failure. Needless to say, when she came home I had to make an instant kitten adjustment.

Savvy taught me Siamese are very different than the sweet and simple tabbies I had grown up with - they're like little humans in fuzzy pajamas.

By that I mean her personality goes beyond behavior to satisfy basic needs, it is apparent that she has opinions, moods, I am convinced she holds grudges (with my BF), has feelings, can be spiteful and probably has a sense of humor.

Savvy taught me Siamese are very loyal, great company and like to be acknowledged/greeted, they thrive on challenges and need to be mentally stimulated, because they are extremely smart.

Lastly Savvy taught me that a Siamese may not be for everyone because of their strong personalities and will demand, if necessary, to get their needs met. Things to think about considering the breed.

It's been four years and we have found our groove, I just love her so much and wouldn't change a thing about her=^.^=

Note from Caroline: I think every Siamese owner would agree with you on all the above. They're very different to most other types of cat, with strong and definitely individual personalities!

Nov 21, 2013
by: Anonymous

I adopted a flame point from a pound at 3 months. I have had many Siamese, however SUSHI does not act like other Siamese.

He is exactly as you described Savannah, does not talk like other Siamese but must follow me everywhere and he prefers carrying on shoulder to laps. He is playful like a Ninja sometimes but prefers not to cuddle - I'm working on it though.


Dec 30, 2011
My Flame Point
by: Sandi

About 3 weeks ago now, I let my dogs out for a potty break. They all ran to the fence behind my barn and were acting rather strangely. I went out to see what it was all about, and there under an awning was a stray, emaciated cat. Sad little thing to say the least.

I took it food, put straw down for it. That week it rained and was so cold outside. Finally, I could get it to come up to me and it would lay down and allow me to rub its belly. I cried every night for a week worrying about it.

Finally, I was able to put it in a carrier and take it to my vet. He turned out to be a Flame Point Siamese, declawed and neutered! Everyone at the vets office was in tears when they saw him.

He's well on his way to recovery, gaining some weight and is precious. I have two rescued Maine Coons and they're all getting along with each other.

Dec 20, 2010
Lovely girl
by: Joni

What a lovely girl and such great eyes. She could be our Leo's sister almost. Leo was a rescue, too, and they listed him as a Siamese flame point.

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