Shaggy, My Domestic Longhair Seal Point Feral Kitteh!

by Michael

Shaggy's 'glamour shot'

Shaggy's 'glamour shot'

Shaggy was one of five in a litter that a Domestic Shorthair Blue female gave birth to in my backyard three years ago. The father was a long haired Siamese with markings exactly as she has.

I took three months to get her to accept me, and finally brought her in the house with her four siblings, ALL with Siamese markings, all Blue Points with one other being a longhair.

I found homes for her siblings and she now lives with her two "sisters", my 6 year-old tiny grey spotted tabby, Hidey, and my 5 year-old dilute blue calico, Pretty, who is blind.

They ALL get along almost as if they had been littermates, with Shaggy being the loudest and the usual instigator of their "chase" sessions up and down my house!

She may not be a pure-bred, but she's my "Siamese" :)

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Dec 27, 2010
Beautiful kitty
by: Anonymous

Shaggy is beautiful! I really prefer the long hair.

Dec 27, 2010
Gorgeous kitteh
by: Caroline (Admin)

Thank you Michael for your picture of Shaggy - she's beautiful (even if she isn't a purebred Siamese - but sometimes, these are the best ones!) And I'm glad she turned from a somewhat ferocious feral into a happy house cat.

The combination of long-haired cat plus Siamese coloring is really unbeatable.

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