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Siamazing love

Siamazing love Quick - any naughty bits?! Content mum & babies Cutie!

Siamazing Siamese Cats are based on the Fylde Coast in Lancashire.

My name is Sheila Calloway, and I am a qualified veterinary nurse with over thirty years experience working with and keeping pets.

Throughout this time, love, care and professionalism have always been of paramount importance - not just when I nursed sick animals, but also throughout the wonderful years I have had the privilege to own, show and breed from our family pets.

Siamese cats are my favourite - they are unique, loyal, and mystical - they simply never fail to amaze.

We thoroughly enjoy showing our wonderful Siamese at GCCF shows and my aim is to breed pure, healthy, confident loving kittens of excellent type and temperament.

All our kittens are reared with the very best loving care and affection in our home as part of the family with access to our safely contained garden to play – well, on fine days!

Our babies will not be ready for their new homes until they are thirteen weeks old.

Lucky new owners will receive a full copy of the Pedigree documenting five generations of purebred Siamese.

We are FIV/FeLV negative breeders and your new kitten will come fully inoculated, wormed and litter trained. Each kitten will have six weeks free pet insurance and a kitten starter pack.

We can also include micro-chipping and registration of your kitten with the national Pet Log Database.

Due to the high demand for purebred show/pet standard Siamese cats, we will be contacting proud new owners on a first-come, first-served basis as soon as our kittens arrive, so please register your interest with us early to avoid disappointment.

Kittens will be only be released to carefully selected, genuine and loving show or pet homes on the non-active GCCF register. Sorry, we rarely sell kittens for breeding purposes.

Please note that we carefully chose the new owners and homes for our kittens to ensure they continue to live happy, content lives, with the very best of love and care.

Show Life

We look forward to hearing from you anytime to either enquire about kittens or just for a Meezie chat!

To contact this breeder:

Please use the details below or visit the breeder's own website using the link provided:

Siamazing Siamese Cats
Sheila Calloway
Poulton Le Fylde, Lancashire
Tel: 01253 882640 or
Mob: 07738 512849


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