2018 Siamese Cat Calendars

Featuring Siamese and Other 'Magical' Cats!

I've occasionally mentioned in our newsletters that I adore the Siamese cat calendars created from the work of Suzanne Le Good, AmyLyn Bihrle and other artists, but I've never gathered them into one page before.

Below you'll find a collection of those I love. Each different, but equally delightful! As I discover others, I'll add them. Not all the calendars are specifically Siamese - some include other cats and cat breeds too - but all of them are, in their own way, special.

Suzanne Le Good's Siamese Cat Calendars

I've bought Suzanne Le Good's calendars for a few years now and one of the treats of the year is opening a new one. It's something to look forward to in the dark winter months (if you can restrain yourself from opening it until January 1st!)

Suzanne's calendars never disappoint and in fact I can't bear to throw the old ones out, so I now have quite a collection. My intention is to re-purpose them by making a collage of all the wonderful cats.

Suzanne makes a point of including new artwork every year so the designs are always fresh, and (if you have enough patience not to look at any of the pages before turning over to the new month!) they're always a lovely surprise.

Her artwork mixes whimsy with realism, style with wonderful use of color, and they're always very decorative. A real joy, as you can see from the tantalizing glimpses of 2018's images below.

Suzanne's calendars are available in her Etsy shop, Suzanne's Gallery. While you're there I suggest browsing through some of her other work too, it's a delight for any Siamese cat lover!

I usually buy the calendar in the run-up to the festive season and as part of my preparations, generally buy a selection of her Christmas cards as well.

The Siamese Cat Rescue Center Calendar

The work of rescue centers around the world is very dear to my heart as so many Siamese cats seem to end up in them.

Our next calendar has very important work to do in helping to fund the work of the Siamese Cat Rescue Center (USA). Filled with photos of Siamese cats and Siamese mixes rescued by the Center, together with their rescue histories, these Siamese cat calendars are exclusively available from the Siamese Store along with many other goodies, and all in a very good cause.

Update: This one is now sold out for 2018.

While we're on the subject, you might like to know that the Siamese Cat Rescue Center is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Twenty years and over 24,000 cats rescued and rehomed! A wonderful achievement for an organization principally staffed by volunteers.

Ed Kagimu's Watercolor Calendar

Ed Kagimu is a British watercolor artist who paints animal portraits on commission. One of my Facebook 'friends' Jo McLaughlin - who I've never met in real life, although I feel as though I know her and her cats (Tao, Ming, Fu, and now little Wilbur too) well - won the chance to have a portrait painted of Fu and this is now featured on the cover of Ed's 2018 cats calendar.

As I've followed Jo's cats on Facebook for a while (you can find them in the group Meezer McLocks) I thought it would be nice to include the calendar here.

This one isn't purely a Siamese cat calendar because it features other breeds too, but as you can see from the back cover (above right) there are at least four Siamese cats in it. (Meezers for the win!)

You can find Ed's calendar, together with some other wonderful animal artwork of his including beautiful cushions, in his store on Etsy, EdsWatercolours.

The Wonderful World of AmyLyn Bihrle

If you're a regular reader of our newsletter you may remember that AmyLyn Bihrle was a featured artist a while back. 

A range of all AmyLyn's art, including her beautiful big-blue-eyed Siamese cats can be found in her Etsy shop and when I contacted her to ask her for permission to feature her work she told me that she also produced a calendar, which I was of course keen to include here.

As you can see from 'April', below, every month includes a seasonally-appropriate picture of one of AmyLyn's adorable cats.

AmyLyn's Siamese cat calendars can be found in her print-on-demand Zazzle store, where you can also see further images of each month's artwork. What's not to love?!

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