Siamese Cat Calendars

A Selection of the Best Siamese Cat Calendars for 2024

For as long as I can remember I've had a selection of Siamese cat calendars on the walls in my house. There's always one in my office, one in my kitchen, and sometimes even in other rooms too.

There's something truly wonderful about the artwork of Suzanne Le Good, AmyLyn Bihrle, and other artists who make their work available very inexpensively through their beautiful calendars each year.

Everyone has room for a Siamese cat calendar or two in their house! Our selection includes some wonderful images from creative artists, photographers and water-colorists. Below, you'll find some of the Siamese cat calendars I love.

They're all different but all equally joyous. They provide oodles of color and fun throughout the year as well as the excitement of turning over a new page at the start of each month to discover the images that the coming weeks will bring.

Suzanne Le Good's Siamese Cat Art Calendar

I've bought one of Suzanne's calendars every year for more years than I care to remember - one of the treats of the winter is opening up a new one! It's something to look forward to in the cold, dark days - if, that is, you can stop yourself from opening it until January 1st ...

You can see the cover artwork in our first image above, and below you'll find a selection of some of the interior monthly pages.

Suzanne's calendars never disappoint and I can't bear to throw out the old ones so I now have quite a collection! At some stage I'm going to re-purpose them and make a collage of all the wonderful cats.

Suzanne makes a point of including new artwork every year so the designs are always fresh, and if you have enough patience not to look at any of the pages before turning over to the new month, they're always a delightful surprise.

Her artwork mixes whimsy with realism, style with wonderful use of color, and they're always very decorative. A real joy, as you can see from the tantalizing glimpses of 2024's images.

You can find Suzanne's calendars in her Etsy shop, Suzanne's Gallery.

While you're there, I highly recommend browsing through some of her other work, as her store is a treasure trove for every Siamese cat lover.

I always treat myself to the calendar in the run-up to the festive season and as part of my preparations I usually buy a selection of her Christmas cards and one or two little Christmas gifts as well.

Siamese Cat Watercolor Calendar

I love watercolor art and this Siamese cat watercolor calendar, with its collection of twelve beautiful watercolor paintings of Siamese cats, doesn't disappoint.

It's a compendium of sleeping, crouching, hunting, sun-basking, pensive adult cats, along with some extra-cute kittens, all portrayed in soft colors and beautiful detail, as you can see from January's page below.

On sale from print-on-demand merchant Zazzle, the quality is excellent and the calendar comes in a range of sizes. Weeks start on a Sunday.

Further details can be found here.

AmyLyn Bihrle's 2024 Calendars

For our final selection we turn to the wonderful world of AmyLyn Bihrle. If you're a regular reader of our newsletter, Meezer Musings, you'll know that AmyLyn Bihrle's beautiful artwork often helps to illustrate them.

What you may not know is that AmyLyn also produces two separate annual calendars.  Below you'll find the details, with links to their pages in AmyLyn's Zazzle store.

There you can find further information on each of them, as well as thumbnail images of each of the monthly pages available for that particular calendar.

As you can see from July's page below, every month in this calendar includes a seasonally-appropriate picture of one of AmyLyn's adorable cats. Weeks start on a Sunday, and the calendars are available in a variety of sizes.

Siamese Cats in Art

The second of AmyLyn's annual calendars is called Siamese Cats in Art, with the cover and one of the interiors shown below.

By clicking the links above you can find both calendars in AmyLyn's Zazzle store, where you can see further examples of each month's artwork by clicking on each of the little thumbnail images.

A range of all of AmyLyn's artwork (apart from the calendars) featuring her beautiful big-blue-eyed Siamese cats can also be found in her Etsy shop.

I hope you've enjoyed reading about the lovely Siamese cat calendars available for 2024, and that you might even be inspired to buy one. In doing so, you'll be using your love of Siamese cats to help both the cats and the creative artists, all of whom will very much appreciate your support!

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