Siamese Cats and Dogs? Clifford 'Soprano'

by Erich
(North Canton, Ohio)

When I was a kid, I had a beloved bullhead Siamese cat named Clifford. He refused to be an indoor cat no matter how hard we tried to keep him in.

He became a voracious hunter and torturer of chipmunks and climber of 30 foot trees, and roamed the neighborhood looking for adventure. Yet we could always get him to come in by blowing a whistle.

Sometimes he'd come home a little glossy eyed and we found out that he was at a neighbor's house where he'd play with a Bull Mastiff he liked and indulge himself with catnip. Apparently, he liked to swing from the poor dog's jowls with his claws, but the dog never hurt him.

One day I was talking with a next door neighbor and he had his large dog not on a leash. Like a gunslinger from the old west, Clifford came out of the bushes, swaggered slowly towards the dog and walked him off our property.

My neighbor said: "I guess we know who's boss...."

Clifford Cat: 1982-1996

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Apr 10, 2011
My cat likes to go walking with the dog
by: Tracy

My wonderful pedigree cat is a blue point Siamese crossed with a Balinese. She is very lovable and friendly. As soon as you shout 'Walkies' both my Siamese cat and my 7-year-old dog (Jack Russell crossed with a Westie - black) come running.

The cat will walk around the block alongside the dog. She will also come when you whistle and call her name (Ariel - named after a planet's moon). She likes to hide in the bushes sometimes and ambush Kali (the dog) as she walks by.

My Siamese hated being an indoor cat and lets herself out through the cat flap anytime she feels like it. She has just had a litter (5 kittens about 2 weeks old) and is adjusting to motherhood very well.

The dog is no bother to the kittens and is used to growing up being subservient to cats. Our cats in the past have all ruled the roost, so Kali naturally allows herself to be ruled, although Ariel doesn't mind getting a daily wash from the dog!

Aug 22, 2010
Dogs & Cats
by: April

Cool Story! I love to hear it when cats and dogs get on so good together. I believe that the stability of their owner's environment produces well balanced and stable pets.

And their interaction give twice the entertainment! Great job to both or you and your neighbor.

Aug 18, 2010
Top cat!
by: Caroline (Admin)

Thanks Erich for your wonderful story about Clifford.

Siamese cats do have rather a tendency to want to be 'top dog' (or boss cat!)

Some of them more than others. Our cat thinks he's king of our particular jungle, but I know he'd run a mile from a dog if he ever saw one!

But like Clifford, he'll also come in when we whistle for him (using a dog whistle).

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