Southern Traditional Siamese

Southern Traditional Siamese, in Ponchatoula, Louisiana (about an hour from New Orleans) is a small cattery specializing in Old-Style Siamese.

I raise Old-Style Appleheads or Traditional Siamese. My kittens are imprinted at birth to ensure a great snuggle buddy, with deep blue eyes and very lovable.

They are very well socialized and not raised in cages. I have all four main colors as well as the rare and beautiful Lynx Point Siamese.

My cats are registered with the CFA and ACA. I have a closed cattery and do not breed to outside cats. All cats FLV/FIV free and all kittens all come with a health guarantee.

I do not sell kittens with breeding rights. For more information about us please visit our website.

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Please use the details below or visit the breeder's own website using the link provided:

Southern Traditional Siamese
Ponchatoula, Louisiana
Lynn Schwamb
Tel: (985) 542-1681


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Aug 22, 2020
Tonka Kismet
by: Jeanie

I bought my seal point Siamese kitten from Lynn. We flew into New Orleans to pick up Tonka Kismet, our new kitten. Lynn had all of her paperwork ready for her to travel home with us.

My Siamese is now almost 12 and the best temperament and sweetest cat ever. I recommend adopting from Lynn.

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