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Our King

Our King

Thai Dee Maew, located in a suburb of Waterford, Michigan, is a small, cage-free cattery based in a clean and loving home environment with plenty of room for our furry felines to run, climb, sleep, play and exercise as they please without being overcrowded.

All our cats and kittens receive human attention and affection on a daily basis. We specialize in and have a strong passion for breeding, preserving and promoting rare native cats of Thailand as well as educating the public about their history.

Our foundation queens are very rare, valuable and mostly imported from Thailand. Our breeds of Thai cats include Suphalak, Khao Manee, red/cream original Siamese, Traditional Longhair Siamese/Balinese, Tonkinese Longhair/Tibetan and Traditional Oriental LH/SH.

At this time, we are the only known breeders in America breeding Tibetans/Tonkinese Longhairs and we are the only cattery in the world using a Suphalak from Thailand (bred to a Traditional Longhair Siamese) for this purpose. Our Traditional (Applehead) Balinese sire was bred in Canada.

We breed for rare colors combined with the semi-long hair of the Balinese that is well-known for hypo-allergenic qualities, softness, beauty, intelligence and low maintenance.

We are the only breeders in the world breeding solid white and solid chocolate Traditional Longhair Siamese/Balinese (also known as Traditional Oriental LH, Foreign White or Blued-Eyed White) using imported cats from Thailand.

We don't see the point of breeding typical Siamese, however popular, for the sake of perpetuating the type of cats that many other breeders have in abundance.

Our goal (unlike most catteries) is not to 'sell' our precious kittens off the internet like a catalog item to people we've never even met or at least spoken to over the phone. Thai Dee Maew is not and never will be a commercial 'store' for the general public.

For more information about our breeds and our cats, and to contact us, please visit our website or Facebook page.

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Thai Dee Maew
Waterford, Michigan
Lisa Young


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