The Cleanest Messy Cat I've Ever Known!

by Alley

I have an amazing Siamese/Himalayan mix named Bela (or Belly, as my boyfriend and I call her, because she loves a good belly scratching).

We found each other four years ago when I attended an adoption day event held by a local animal rescue organization. As I was looking around for the new addition to my family, one of the volunteers suggested that I check out this little eight-month-old Siamese mix. He said that she was special.

He told me that when they first got her, she figured out a way to unlatch the doors separating her cage from the other ones, and before they knew it she figured that if she unlatched all the doors, she would be able to play with all the other cats.

And that's just what she did ... every morning!

I'm a very social person, so it seemed like a match made in heaven. Right off the bat, Belly was one of the family. She loves people and rarely ever hides from us or from anyone.

She is incredible talkative and yet also a wonderful listener. She always greets us at the door and would much rather be sitting or laying on top of one of us than anywhere else in the house. Just an all round lovably sweet socialite (much more dog-like than cat-like).

As soon as we brought her home, we noticed that Bela was an incredibly messy eater. She takes gigantic mouthfuls of her dry food, and regularly tosses food from her mouth onto the floor or into her water fountain.

But here's where Bela really shines ...

After she's done eating and making her mess, she proceeds to use her little paws to sweep up the food scraps into piles around her bowl!

I've never actually seen her eat food without cleaning up after herself. Even when we give her treats, she will finish eating and begin brushing her paw against the ground, cleaning the entire area she got messy!

I've had many people observe this silly habit and they all agree that it's not something you commonly see. I love it, not only because its very cute, but also because it saves me time trying to find where she has thrown her food.

This is one of the many unique behavioral traits that makes Bela so amazing!

Reply from Caroline:

What a great story! I've never heard of a cat cleaning up after themselves like that (and in my own cat's case, he's far too greedy to leave any food lying around.)

I also loved the thought of a cat who unlatches cage doors to play with all the other cats. It sounds as if you've got yourself one very clever kitty there!

Thanks so much for stopping by and telling us about Bela.

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Dec 11, 2012
Similar traits
by: Anonymous

I have the same breed of cat you have. His name is Smokey because his face when he was a kitten had the colors of smoke!

He also 'cleans' up after himself after every meal! I thought it was strange he would scratch around his dish so gently but when I read your post it makes sense. They have the best personalities and I couldn't ask for a better cat!

Even my fiancé agrees and he's not a cat person but he calls Smokey his son :)

Feb 08, 2012
by: Gwyn

My imagination runs riot thinking about your puss's housekeeping ability.

The only food related tale I can compete with is with Nibbles our 6 year old Blue point. If we offer him some food that he happens not to fancy just then, he tries to bury it.

That is odd behaviour normally but in the winter and in the kitchen he gives us a good laugh with his efforts to bury his food under the tiled floor.

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