The Silent Talker

by Pchan



My friend gave me her seal point Siamese, named Pepper. He grew up mostly in a cage or tied up in one corner so whenever I go to my friend's house, Pepper eagerly wants to play and meows a lot.

But when I got him, he doesn't meow anymore aside from rare occasions like it's mating season or I forgot to put food in his bowl. Since he doesn't meow, it's hard to know where he is. He bites a lot, and it's not just petty bites but a full-force bite.

But most of the time he's just chilling on my lap, I think I spoiled him too much. xD

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Mar 19, 2013
Crazy kitty
by: Anonymous

I just got a seal point Siamese from another family who couldn't keep him because he was attacking their dog.

He was four months at the time, now he's about six months. They didn't have a name for him, so I named him Charlie.

They said he was aggressive when playing, but he bites whenever he feels like it. Whenever I pet him, or just when he doesn't want me too. Or when he's had enough.

I know when to leave him alone because he'll tick the tip of his tail when he's about to go on the offense. He loves to attack our ankles and feet as if they were the enemy.

He does play with our big dog, it took him two days of getting used to him. He follows me around EVERYWHERE. I think it's cute, but just wish he wasn't so aggressive.

He'll sit on our laps when we take him outside with us. He doesn't try to jump down either, it's crazy. He knows how to climb the kid's bunk bed ladder.

He suckles the carpets and blankets? He purrs away while he does it. He's a very unique but challenging to understand, but we love him very much.

Aug 07, 2012
by: Pchan

No ... we didn't find him. =( I just hope that he's alright or at least that someone who got him would take care of him. It's been raining a lot lately, and I'd hate to think that he's somewhere out there on the road trying to hide from the rain.

I cried a day or two ... I guess my aunt felt sorry for me and brought home an adorable Snowshoe kitten. Somehow it alleviated my mood, but I still miss him specially when I look at the usual spot he used to hang out.

I'm taking care of the new kitten and I swear I won't let anything happen to him. ^__^

Thanks for hearing my story of Pepper ... I really appreciate people who love animals as much as I do.

Note from Caroline (Admin): So sorry to hear that, Pchan. It must be devastating for you. I'm glad you've got a kitten to help take your mind off your loss.

Aug 05, 2012
Any news of Pepper?
by: Caroline (Admin)

Pchan, I was so sad to hear that Pepper was lost. Did you ever find him or get any news of him?

It's so distressing when your cat goes missing; I've been there myself and know how you must feel.

So sorry ... :-(

Aug 04, 2012
My Gorgeous Siamese Bailey
by: Caroline

I have the most adorable seal point cat and I found him in the ditch at the beach, he was with a litter of kittens who were mixed colours. I didn't know what type of cat he was, I just seen the fawn colour coat and grabbed him and put him in the boot of the car and brought him home. Love him to bits, he's so clever and makes the most wonderful sounds.

Jul 15, 2012
by: Pchan

Hey guys. It's a sad week for me. When I came home I found out Pepper was lost. He got out and we weren't able to find him. Usually when he escapes he just stays by the doorway or somewhere near. We searched and searched 'til the dawn and the morning after that ... but we weren't able to find him. I miss him so much. ='(

May 23, 2012
biting cats ...
by: Bronny

My Oskar, a 16-month-old male seal point started biting. At first it was me. He would bite me ever so gently on the face, eyebrow area and it was/is ALWAYS affectionate nibbling.

Recently he has started biting, with a bit of aggression, my daughter. Jealousy was what I thought as he would bite her if he was on my lap and she came near.

I started out trying to get my daughter to handle him more, but it didn't work. So I started saying, in a fairly high pitched voice UH-UH UH to him. He stopped for a while then resumed nipping her.

SO, I decided to teach him that he wouldn't get any of my affection and attention if he kept biting. I started out by totally ignoring him and pushing him off my lap (or wherever he was) when he bit my daughter.

LOLOLOL found out that he HATES being ignored! He pouts and struts around the house in a foul mood for a little while. Then when he has calmed down, he comes up to me and has totally submissive body language. I had to do this quite a few times over the course of about 2 weeks but it has worked.

Now he will even cuddle up to my daughter! He still nibbles on my face occasionally, which I like, actually.

He is an absolutely gorgeous little man who claimed me as his house-partner and started to get a bit too possessive and dominant when my daughter was near.

NEVER EVER spank the cat who bites, there is always some kind of behaviour trait that can be fixed by working with, and for the cat.

Good luck!

Jan 24, 2011
The right thing to do
by: Caroline (Admin)

I agree that cats should never be tied up, nor kept in cages (unless they're large, properly built enclosures with space to run around in) for any length of time, but we don't know the circumstances behind why this happened to Pepper.

The original owner did the right thing by passing Pepper on to someone who is now able to look after him properly.

Jan 19, 2011
by: Siamese lover

The previous owner of Pepper seems to have be cruel. Why cage a cat or keep him tied up. I am not surprised Pepper is exhibiting behavoural problems. I suggest this person should not keep an animal as she has not idea how to do so correctly.

Jan 13, 2011
Great tip, thank you!
by: Caroline (Admin)

Suzanne, many thanks for your great tip on how to train a cat not to bite. I'm definitely going to try that out with my own cat (who will nip occasionally, although not with any malice.)

It must have been a wonderful experience playing with the Bengal tiger cubs, not something that many people get to do. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Jan 13, 2011
Training a cat not to bite
by: Suzanne

Last year I was fortunate enough to enjoy playing with two 8-week-old Bengal tiger cubs. Their trainer showed us that when the cub tries to bite, we should very gently put a finger on the bridge of his nose and a thumb under his chin and say "NO BITE". They learn quite quickly that this is not appropriate behavior. Try that, it seemed quite effective with the tiger cubs.

Nov 10, 2010
Tips to discourage a biting cat
by: Caroline (Admin)

I'm sure Pepper must be really happy be living with you, he certainly looks very contented in your photo!

Cats may bite for any number of reasons - it could be that they are acting out of aggression towards another cat, or that they're tired of being petted, or that they got used to seeing a hand as 'prey' when they were played with as a kitten.

When Pepper bites, take care not to scold or hit him as this will only frighten him and may make him more aggressive - just take your hand away and walk off. He should soon come to realize that biting doesn't get him what he wants.

And if you want to discourage him further, get a water-spray bottle and give him a quick squirt with this any time that he bites.

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