Tiffyan Siamese and Oriental Cats

Oriental with attitude!

Oriental with attitude!

My name is Sheryl and Tiffyan is the name of my cattery. I am registered with the Cat Control Council Tasmania (CCCT) and I live in the beautiful Australian island state of Tasmania.

I breed Siamese and Orientals, both solid and tabbies, in the four main colours of seal/black, chocolate, blue and lilac. I particularly love the beautiful Oriental Black and have decided to make them my specialty.

Siamese and Oriental have an unique personality and once you have owned this breed or should I say, they've owned you, you will never want to be without one of these intriguing creatures in your life.

My kittens are born and reared inside and are ready to go to their new loving homes from 13 weeks of age onwards. All kittens are sold with the following:

* 2 x vaccinations
* Vet check
* De-sexing
* Micro-chipping
* Worming
* Registration
* Pedigree
* Kitten pack

I breed for health and temperament first and foremost then for superb type.

I love showing my cats and they have been fortunate to win many special awards including cat, kitten and neuter of the year awards.

My cats are very special to me, I adore them, they are something to love and cherish.

For further information, see our website.

To contact this breeder:

Please use the details below or visit the breeder's own website using the link provided:

Tiffyan Siamese and Oriental Cats
Phone: 61 3 431462
Mobile: 0438 577 973
Email: sheryl@tiffyancats.com
Website: www.tiffyancats.com


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