Unusual Siamese Cat Behavior? Nermel

by Jayse Hagar
(Sequim Washington)

My cousin has a Siamese cat named Nermel.

It's obvious how smart he is because of what I'm about to tell you.

This cat is a little bit like a dog.

He high fives and chases his tail. (I find that weird.)

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Jun 29, 2016
by: Mirage

I have a chocolate point Siamese cat and his name is Ashe. He fetches like a dog and will bring you back his toys.

He plays rough and he loves to take a shower with me, he loves water and he does this freaky thing with his paws in the water - it's really hard to describe. He doesn't meow, it sounds like he's quacking like a duck or it sounds like he's saying 'what'.

He hates to be alone and he gets anxiety every time I leave the house so I have to find a babysitter on the weekends for him - it's funny!

Sep 13, 2015
by: Suzanne Hessling

My kitten Mia is 4 mos old, she is a Lynx Point Siamese, my first cat. What an amazing experience.

She loves water, when I am in the shower, she sits outside crying to come in. Every night after my shower I take the wash cloth and give her a sponge bath, she loves that and really loves to have her ears cleaned. She puts all her toys in her water bowl.

When she gets sleepy, she comes and climbs upon my chest as close to my face as she can get, then goes to sleep. She is the sweetest little kitten. I am a new cat lover.

Jul 01, 2015
by: Anonymous

I need help in treating my Siamese who I feel has terrible anxiety from time to time. He has always been litter box trained but just the other day he did his "dookies" on my bed. The weirdest thing, I never had a cat poop on my bed before. He first did this when my son, who he's pretty close with, left home. That was 5 years ago. (Suki just turned 8) I am packing my apartment up to move and he just did it again 2 nights in a row. I'm afraid the move will be traumatic in a way I don't know what to do to help calm him from the anxiety if that is what triggers this unusual behavior!! Help!!

Reply from Caroline: You're right, this sort of behavior often stems from anxiety or stress - cats very easily pick up on changes in atmosphere or in their environment and he's very probably stressed by all the packing up. You'll probably find that things will go back to normal once you're settled in your new place, but you could try Feliway to help keep him calm during the move.

Aug 28, 2012
My Lilac Point Siamese looks just like the photo
by: Dutch

I have a little Lilac Point Siamese (my neighbor decided to name him Hope) that looks just like the photo of the Lilac Point Siamese on this site. Hope is a very smart and affectionate pet. One of the first things he did when I got him (when he was about 5 weeks old) was climb up on my shoulder.

He loves to play fight and chase strings. I also have a toy that consists of a raccoon tail tied to a string, and Hope will jump all day long to get at it. Hope has an amazing amount of energy, and he is a terrific pal. He hasn't really warmed up to that many other people (I live alone), but he is a real friend to me. He is a great pet.

Sep 12, 2011
Rufus the Seal Point

My cat Rufus was so smart he turned the thermostat up when he was cold, and ran the can opener when he wanted to be fed. He was a nurse when I was sick, never left my side. He was a 14lb handsome guy. I loved him so much that when he passed at age 12 I have never had another house cat. There could never be another one like him.

Aug 08, 2011
High Fiveing Tinker
by: Anonymous

My stepdad's kitten hi-fives as well, shame I don't have a good video of her doing it.

Aug 08, 2010
Drinking Water
by: Anonymous

Sylvester has a habit of dipping his paw in his water dish in a cup shape and drinking the water out of the cup of his paw.

Jul 02, 2010
Training Siamese and other cats
by: Caroline (Admin)

Hi Jayse and thank you for telling us about Nermel. He's clearly a clever cat.

My own Siamese, Bandit, also chases his tail from time to time, but I've never known him to high-five. That's a pretty neat trick - perhaps I should try and teach him to do that!


A note about training cats:

Siamese cats are quite like dogs in their behavior and personality and it's possible, with patience and kindness (and lots of treats!) to train Siamese, and sometimes other cats too, to do simple tricks - 'Sit', 'Stay', 'Lie Down', 'Spin' and so on.

The earlier you start to train a young cat, the more easily they will learn, but always be gentle and kind and remember that cats don't have as much patience as dogs.

They'll let you know and walk away when they've had enough, so take it easy and don't force things.

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