Weird Or Strange Behavior? No, They're Siamese Cats!

From time to time readers send in stories about their cats' behavior, which in the case of Siamese cats is usually strange, weird, clever, cute, funny, dog-like or downright abnormal!

Here are just a few ... our Siamese cats really know how to keep us on our toes, don't they? I hope you enjoy these little gems, and as always, thanks to everyone who sent these particular stories in, and for all the comments below them, too. They just keep coming!

Tao Likes To Ride In The Car Like A Dog!
from Deanna in London, ON, Canada

Tao, my Chocolate Point, is fourteen years old and loves going for car rides.

Siamese cat riding in car
He likes to sit in the front seat and place his front paws on the dashboard, it appears as if he is navigating. He knows not to go down where my feet are, and does not distract me.

He loves going through drive-thrus and getting attention. We have also gone to the drive-in to catch some movies.

He's better than a dog because he does not slobber on my windows! :-)

Zena (Taught Us To Speak Siamese)
from Liz in the UK

When we first got little Zena (a tortie point) she hid in corners and cried really loudly all the time. After a while we coaxed her out, and she became dependent on us.

Zena has trained us to know what she is meowing for. When she is hungry, she meows loudly, when she wants to go to bed she meows softly. Best of all, when she is in a giddy mood she does a sort of bark, and this means she wants to be chased up the stairs and to play with her toys.

The funniest time was when my mother was sitting in the front room, and Zena ran out of nowhere up the wall and slid back down. My mum screamed, Zena started doing her barking noise and ran over my mum's shoulders!

She is so cute at night, she paws me until she is under the covers. In the morning she wakes me up by biting my nose and then runs down the stairs under my feet demanding her cat food!

I love my Siamese cat, she is my baby.
Liz (owned by Zena)

Smarty Pants

Our Lilac Point Siamese, Skittles, is just under a year old and he's the cutest.

Siamese cat sticking tongue out

Very vocal and charming, his favorite thing is to sit on the floor and wait till we aren't paying attention. He will then slowly creep up and smack you in the face and then run, it's like a little game to him.

It's so cute!

Snoopy (The Cat Burglar)
from Lindsey in Colorado

My Siamese cross Snoopy is a big snoop! He loves to investigate. When he was just a kitten he figured out how to open the cabinet doors in the kitchen and in the linen closet. He does this by batting at them until he can get his paw behind the door to swing it open.

Eventually, I had to install child safety locks on all the floor level doors so he couldn't get into the cupboards. I really didn't want him crawling over my clean pots and pans.

Now he has figured out that he can get into the cupboard above the fridge and curl up in it to sleep. I guess I'll need to put a lock on that one too!

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Apr 22, 2019
Kai the Star
by: Anonymous

My almost one-year-old Siamese, Kai, likes to be the center of attention - he sits in front of the television and cleans himself. He also lays above my computer and blocks what I'm typing. If you're not paying attention to him he knocks things down.

Jan 29, 2018
Aggressive suckling
by: Michelle

My lynx point I think was taken too early but I don't know. Louie is a rescue and I brought him home at 10-12 weeks, he had been taken from his mother I want to say like at 7-8 weeks.

Anyway Louie loves to suck on ear lobes. I discouraged that behavior by placing my hand in between my ear and his face and gently putting him to another direction, now he tries to suck the skin on the inside of my hand ... he gets aggressive about it!!

Will this get better? In the meantime we are working on walking outside, not climbing curtains and I have ALL my kitchen cabinets child locked. He can open them and shut them from inside. In the past all my cats have been aloof and slow ... my schnauzers are befuddled by this guy ... lol you know it's bad when terriers are scratching their head! He is highly active, opinionated, sometimes moody and eats like he has been starving in the wilderness. He is adorable and I love him ..but his nickname is Mob Boss Louie. He is a little like Joe Pesci in Goodfellas! I used to have schnauzers, now Louie has a human and 2 dogs ...

Jan 28, 2018
I'm obsessed with this cat
by: Lydia

Maliwan is a 3 year old seal point polydactyl Siamese and she's the most fun (and sometimes frustrating) of any feline companion I've ever known. We adore her like crazy.

She's so curious! She regularly needs to put her little nose against everything in the house, and whatever we're doing is, of course, very interesting. She doesn't like to be held... as long as we're comfortable but she'll gladly purr away in our arms if we walk her around the house so she can inspect all the things she can't normally get to.

She only wants snuggles on her terms - not nearly often enough for me! She does harass my husband every morning until they have their daily cuddle - she'll wait by the shower door and complain until he sits down... but ONLY after he's put a shirt on. She doesn't like the feel of his hairy chest.

I may not get all the snuggles I want, but I'm her favorite for play time. One summer afternoon we had the front door open to let the warm air in and she sat in the doorway and was simply yowling at me. I petted (no), fed (nope), cleaned the water dish (no, silly human) and was finally at a loss for what she was trying to get me to do.

My husband said she wanted me to go outside and play (he speaks fluent cat - he always understands what she wants where I'm often guessing). I let him know I thought he was nuts but stepped outside anyway - and suddenly her complaining ceased and she was streaking by me, tail up and pleased. I followed her and then played chase and tag with the cat. We play tag regularly - taking turns at who is being chased. The neighbors probably think I'm insane, but I don't care because my nutty little fur friend is happy.

Jan 15, 2018
Sulis: 21/01/01-07/09/17
by: Paul J

I lost my little princess on the 7 September 2017, she died at home and in my arms, loved cuddled and kissed to the very end. The house is so empty without her. I miss her tapping me with her paw when I ignored her when in bed, where she got under the duvet and curled up next to me, I miss her so much - holding back the tears writing this, she has been my best friend, buddy and companion and she has gone everywhere with me.

So long my little Princess, I will never forget you and thank you for being part of my life.

I'm so sorry for your loss, Paul. It's always devastating when they go. I read in your comment below that you were caring for Sulis through kidney disease and it's a hard road; she did well to get to almost seventeen. Sending condolences and support.

Dec 13, 2017
My 8 year old Siamese is crazy!
by: Judy

Caiden is 8, he was afraid to go outside until this year. Runs out any chance he can! Eats even more than ever, healthy. Has a new nemesis, a Jack Russell/Poodle pup named Benjamin. They play, dog is jealous of cat. Any ideas?

Nov 02, 2017
Temper temper!
by: Anonymous

My female Siamese mix is my princess. Princess Ninnie is my obsession. I have 5 other cats and she in general gets along with them ... unless she is on my lap getting love. She will be just eating up attention and as soon as one of her adopted siblings comes too close she will jump down and attack. It is like flipping a switch. She doesn't hurt them but she is definitely letting them know I belong to her.

Oct 12, 2017
My chocolate point is insane!
by: Jimmy V

Maybe it's my fault. I named her Hooker! Hahaha...

I got her from a wonderful breeder in Ft. Lauderdale ( I picked this breeder because his cats looked the most beautiful and exotic with extreme sinewy bodies, angular faces and they are tall. So my little "she devil" Hooker is the most beautiful Siamese cat I've ever seen and I'm not being biased (okay maybe a little bit!)

She is 1 year 2 months old. She is getting into trouble a lot lately. She shreds toilet paper so I must hide it. She shreds paper towels so I must hide them. She shreds Kleenex so again, I have to hide it. She has chewed off the ends of the cords for all my window blinds. She is constantly attacking and jumping at me but in a playful way. She bites me if I try to pet her in a way she doesn't like. She HATES to be held. I mean HATES it. The only time she allows me to hold her is when I am sitting on the toilet!

She is a talker, which I understand is part of the breed. Every time I walk around my bed, she always swats at my feet. When I walk out of my bedroom she always attacks me in the doorway and then runs back under the bed. I know she is playing but it startles me every single time.

Good things are, she loves to play fetch just like a dog! I throw her a ball and she will retrieve it and bring it back to me so I can throw it again. She can do this for 24 hours if I let her. She loves to sit on my lap when I have my laptop in my lap! I allow her to sit there and navigate the keyboard for her. She always hits the keys and I have to re-type whatever it is I'm working on. She goes nuts for the laser beam flashlight. She literally quacks like a duck when the laser is on. I've never heard a cat make that sound but it sounds like a quack!

She is so curious about everything. She follows me everywhere. I've lost count of how many times I've tripped over her, not knowing she's there.

I have fed her both canned food and dry food. About 4 months ago she stopped eating canned food. She won't touch it any more. She only eats dry food. I actually like it because canned food smells. The dry food makes feeding her very easy. She drinks a lot of water, which I've read is good because when a cat only eats dry food they require more water than most to ensure she stays hydrated.

She loves people. She is not scared of anyone. When a new person comes into my apartment she will jump right on their lap and sniff. She loves to be near a person's face. She starts to purr when she is about a foot from a person's face. She insists on sleeping between my legs at night or against my neck.

Can anyone tell me will she ever settle down? Does anyone have any methods or tricks to get her to chill out? Is it her age that makes her a bit crazy? Please don't get me wrong, I love Hooker. She filled a void in my life. She is a total indoor cat. She has all her claws. However since she hates to be held I cannot clip her nails. So I always have to take her to the vet and pay them to clip her nails. One last question. Is there way to stop her shedding so much? She sheds a lot!

Thanks for reading my little rant. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Aug 06, 2017
Sulis my Lilac point
by: Paul J

I have been owned now by Sulis for over 16 years, and what a sheer pleasure it has been knowing her, so loving and affectionate, and now due to renal failure I feed her and tend to all her needs, she is a little battler and love her to bits.

In her younger days while I was out and if she was feeling cold she would jump up and knock the thermostat on, I came home to a very warm home! She watched everything you did and mastered turning on the electric fan fire at home, she used to open the fridge door and get the tomatoes out to play with.

What a girl she was, and at night lights out she would be up on to the bed, I would pretend to ignore her so she would tap me on the forehead, then I would lift up the duvet and she would curl up beside me for the night, now I pick her up and put her next to me purring as I help my aged best friend.

Sulis is such a friend and companion cannot imagine life without her, just love Siamese full stop.

Apr 29, 2017
Can't decide if he loves us or is plotting to kill all of us to get us out of his way
by: Marina, Slave to Blue

I was given Blue, a tiny white flamepoint Siamese for my birthday. As a baby, he loved to sleep on my chest and wrap around my neck. It was weird at first, but I figured he felt safe. Now that's he's older, he is very picky about when its cuddling time, and he mostly disdains all of us until he's wanting attention.

He stands at my daughter's bedroom door and insists that I open it. If I don't, there are mournful wails echoing in the hallway. He runs under our feet and trips us constantly, but it's always when he wants to point out there's no cat food in the bowl, or he wants water, or he wants us to sit down because he wants petted. He runs through the house like a crazy elephant, loudly and thumping and up and down furniture as if the devil were behind him. Then we find him asleep in the cat tree, tired from his adventures. As soon as he awakes, whoever is below him is doomed.

He fights with our dog as if he was a dog; they roll and snort and play-bite each other like kung fu movie. He's crazy. He's weird. I have never had a cat like this before. I asked my daughter what he was up to this morning and her response was, "Plotting our murders, I suspect," as he walked into the kitchen and plopped down in front of her, blocking her way.

When she stepped around him, he jumped up and ran between her legs, causing her to trip. Murder, indeed, Blue ... hmmmm!

Apr 21, 2017
TV Cat
by: Valandil

Our Siamese Spice watches TV with me. When any type of animal is on the screen she runs to it, and standing on her back feet boxes the screen, then she walks around the TV looking for them like it is a magic window!

Dec 26, 2016
Bluepoint Heaven
by: Pete

I'm Pete, Simon's Human. He's an eight-year-old bluepoint that has several unique habits:

Simon has a favorite toy - a small stuffed creature that resembles an octopus. He 'feeds' the toy by placing it in the bowl of dry food or the water bowl. He'd make a great 'mother'!

When I retire for the night, Simon scoots under the covers and places his back against my chest and his head close to mine. He purrs while I pet him, and tell him stories. His ultra-soft, warm coat is a godsend on these cold New England nights.

Lastly, Simon is a bit cuter, and I love him a bit more, each and every day.

Oct 16, 2016
My Best Friend
by: Si-Si's Mommy

One night several years ago a black momma cat and her two starving kittens showed up at my kitchen door. One kitten was black like mom, the other Siamese. We had a kitten at the time (still have her but she's giant now lol), so we cracked the door open and dropped food for them, expecting never to see them again because they were very feral.

To my surprise, the family showed up day after day. The Siamese kitten was the most beautiful, sick, starving, worm-infested thing I'd ever seen. It took a couple weeks of feeding him and talking to him, but one day as I was putting his food down he petted himself on my hand. I took him to the vet, got him treated for a cold, worms and fleas, and he's been my constant companion since.

Present day, when my boyfriend wakes up before me and takes Si out of the room, he waits by the door until he hears me moving around the proceeds to go nuts till my bf lets him come see his mommy. I get the grand "Mommy, I missed you so much" every morning. If I sit he's either in my lap or right beside me.

I'm fortunate enough to work from home and he loves sitting in my lap while I do. 3 p.m. is usually Siamese o'clock :) Si-Si is literally the best thing that ever happened to me. He's my best buddy in the world and I couldn't imagine life without him. I get the distinct impression that the feeling is mutual. He's not only the most beautiful cat, but he has this deep love and affection for me. I think it's because I took the time to let him trust me and effectively saved his life. He was so sick it likely would have killed him ... poor guy needs breathing treatments.

Side note - his momma was too feral to be adopted so she was fixed and is living happily near our old home. His sister eventually warmed up to my neighbor and my neighbor adopted her.

Mar 28, 2016
Gizmo, my Siamese BFF
by: Bobbie

Just have to say that Gizmo is the most amazing pet I've ever had the pleasure of sharing my life with. He is smart and funny and loves to make new friends - if you're feeling down or sad he loves to make you happy and somehow knows exactly how to accomplish that.

I've always been a dog owner but when I was blessed with Gizmo in my life I immediately realized how special the Siamese breed is. Here's to Gizmo and all the Siamese cats out there making their owners happy and proud.

Jan 21, 2016
by: Shannon

My Siamese, Dobby, is seriously my child. I fell in love with him the day we got him when he was six weeks old; he's now four. At first, his quirky little antics started as stealing my socks and playing with them. JUST my socks. He would go into a basket of clothing and pick out all the socks. (I also found this funny because of his name, if you're a Potterhead like me you'll understand). Note from Caroline: I totally understand about Dobby and socks!

As he got older, he started stealing stuffed animals from my room and piling them up downstairs. He still does this. It's so cute. He sleeps in weird positions, with his back legs straight out behind him like he's planking. It's so strange! He hates being held but he will jump up onto your back/shoulders and sleep there.

He's a very high maintenance little guy. Very picky. He literally will not eat anything besides canned tuna and cat food. Which is actually good because he doesn't beg for food like my other cat. He has an obsession with feet. He likes to randomly go up to people and start attacking their feet, but if he's in an affectionate mood he'll lay on your feet. He's not much of a lap cat, but he always has to at least be in the same room as another person.

He's very vocal, almost like I can have conversations with him. He can be moody, but when he's affectionate it's so cute I forget about how much of a jerk he is. But even when he's a jerk, he's still awesome. He's got character. Anyways, he's my little baby and I love him so much and this breed of cat is definitely unique.

Jul 29, 2015
Newly Adopted Flame Point
by: Anonymous

I recently adopted a two year old flame point from a shelter. I've never had a Siamese before and at first found her very weird. I named her Buffy.

I already had one cat, Trixie, that is a Tuxedo female not two years old yet. It took a long while to win her affection because she was very frightened and timid when I adopted her. She may have previously been abused. She is now affectionate but all is on her terms. Also I can only touch her in certain places and she has never allowed me to pick her up.

Not so with Buffy. I expected it to take a long time for her to get used to her new home and family as well. When I brought her home she immediately hid under to dresser. I thought she''d be hiding for days as Trixie did. I was totally surprised when I sat down on the floor and talked to her and she came out of hiding rubbing against me and showing such affection that I could hardly believe it.

She loves the children and plays with them already. But, what really seems weird is how she holds out her front legs, that seem more like arms, just like a little baby wanting to be held.

I think I'm going to enjoy this little strange creature. Trixie hasn't welcomed her yet but I'm hoping that time will come soon.

Mar 18, 2015
Mr. Snap
by: Christina

When I was 14 my dad and I moved to Florida and picked up a couple kittens at the local shelter. One was a dark tabby who ended up really sick a week later and he didn't make it. The other we thought was a Siamese tabby mix, turns out he was a Lynx point Siamese.

He had a lazy eye so I'm assuming that's why he ended up in the shelter. He got his name, Snap, because as a kitten he would be laying there hanging out, and the the next thing you know, he would *snap* and tear out of the room like his tail was on fire! He was the strangest but the best cat. He was very vocal, liked to play in the rain, and would even get in the shower with you. He would play make the bed and get under the sheets and beg you to play with him, then lay and nap as a lump for an hour or so.

If he saw you with a broom he would lay right in front of you and demand to be swept. He liked the feel of the broom on him like a brush I guess? Instead of purring and kneading, he would lay in your lap, purr and sort of gnaw on your knuckle. Sometimes it hurt a little but we always let him get his knuckle time in. He liked to play rough like a dog. We would flick his ears, snap his tail, you could even pick him up and toss him by his tail and he loved it. He was always been by far my favorite cat, and I am on the hunt for another Lynx point!

Mar 03, 2015
Street Cat
by: Hilary

Living in Bulgaria, I got to know a cat and her new litter of kittens. One of them was Siamese, surprisingly. We fed all the kittens on our terrace, and they learnt to climb up a sheer wall in order to get there. Chi Chi was the most affectionate cat I have ever encountered, and learnt to come when I called her. It broke my heart when she disappeared, leaving some kittens on the roof of an empty building nearby that I could not get into. The street cats need help.

My father had a Siamese called Suki. After he had had a stroke she would not let him stand up or answer the phone without complaining about it!

Feb 22, 2015
My Siamese
by: Jhenny (Antipolo Rizal, Philippines)

Hi, I read almost all the shared stories of every person that had put in this site about the weird or strange behavior of their cats and so I want to share mine. I have a Siamese cat named Raine (female) she is one year and four months old.

She also has a weird kind of behavior. Whenever I'm at home and I doing my homeworks, proj. and paperworks ... she always seeks my attention. She either lays at the top of my book or note book or she will play with my pen or jump on my lap or in at my back. It's funny and sweet. Hahaha! I find it strange because our of several cats that I took care off she is the only one who is doing that.

Nov 06, 2014
by: Anonymous

Casper, my 3 month old flame point Siamese kitten, sits beside me just staring at me while I'm studying or watching TV. He loves to see what I'm writing or reading while sitting on my shoulder. He waits for me by the door to greet me.

Just in case I ever pass by him acting like I didn't see him, he will follow me to make sure I notice him. Sometimes he will hide under the bed or behind furniture so that once I come home and open the door he can come out and surprise me. It's too cute!

He sleeps beside me in my bed and that includes if I even take naps during the day. Sometimes if I can't fall asleep he will rub his cute little paws on my cheeks like he is trying to put me to sleep LOL. He waits for me to wake up every morning and jumps on my lap as soon as he realizes I'm up.

Whenever I talk on the phone he begs to be picked up and wants attention badly. He sits when I tell him to sit. He loves to surprise me by hiding and pouncing on my leg and hugs it tightly. He does this by following me wherever I go for at least 5 minutes straight. It's so funny! He is very vocal. He makes this barking sound whenever someone rings the bell and he never allows any stranger to pick him up.

I found him in my backyard when he was only a month and half and he looked very malnourished with mom no where in sight. At that time I took him in thinking I will find him a good home, but after seeing his affectionate and lovable personality, I just can't even imagine my life without him. He is the best thing that ever happened to me. :)

Aug 13, 2014
My beautiful Siamese
by: Cassandra and MiaMoo

I adopted my Siamese and she is a very VERY vocal li'l girl. We live in 5 acres and I can hear her coming a mile away. She's very finicky with everyone who ever comes around - she gets along with my tabby and small chi but no one else.

She trusts me most of all. Sleeps by my side every night, and when she doesn't come home I always know to look around the yard in high trees because she more than likely got chased and stuck up there by a dog, deer or bear.

May 21, 2014
Just discovering his many charms!
by: Soozy R

I saw an adorable cat in a cage at Petsmart that wasn't getting adopted week after week. I decided to adopt him, and named him "Blue" for his intense blue eyes. That was two months ago.

I just realized this week that he is a Flame Point Siamese. I have been astounded and amused by his antics, but now I realize this is characteristic of his breed. The second I open our frig, he runs and leaps into it to sit on the lower freezer door ledge. I squirt whipped cream into my coffee every morning, and could tell he wanted some so I squirted some on the ledge ... and now he expects it every time I open the frig!

His favorite trick is to surprise me when I walk around the house by pouncing and hugging my leg while I am walking, and he never uses his claws. He will never jump on my lap, but he will smother me with his presence the second I start cooking.

And yes, he has started yowling and "talking" in the middle of the night - we can't figure out why. He is adorable and I am so grateful I got him; I had just lost my beloved orange tabby "Ted" a few weeks earlier and wasn't ready to bring in another cat, but I guess it was meant to be!

May 08, 2014
by: Catherine

My 2-year-old lilac point Tristan loves to fetch a paper ball - he will do that for hours. He loves to open cabinet doors as well.

Mar 13, 2014
Zoey Mimics Faces
by: Chairbear

Zoey is a chocolate Siamese and ever since she was a kitten we would have staring contests and I would tilt my head to the side and stick my tongue out at her.

Zoey would then mimic me by turning her head from side to side very slowly and then poke her tongue out. She is almost a year now and she still does this with me.

Jan 18, 2014
Bailey is the best
by: Kitty Mitchell

My one-and-a-half-year-old Seal Point, Bailey, is just a riot to be around, and is also the best cuddler ever! He is an indoor cat, and follows me around everywhere, but it's not annoying, it's endearing. He just loves snuggling completely under the covers on my legs, or in the nook of my arm. He will sleep soundly all night like this.

He also will come up to me when I'm lying in bed and plop himself down on my chest, stretch his arms out, and nestle his head under my chin. It is heaven. Such a sweet creature. ;-)

He is also extremely playful and goofy, and loves wrestling with my husband and ten year old son. He is very social and always curious to meet new people that come over. He doesn't run and hide like most the cats I have had.

He does this stalking game with me only, where he will hide behind a plant or furniture, and when I walk by he pounces out, leaps off the ground (catching quite a bit of air!) and swats at me. It makes me laugh out loud every time! He will just follow me around and keep doing it, and it is hysterical.

I am so bonded to him, could not imagine life without him. I want to get another one, but I'm kind of selfish because I don't want him to direct his attention elsewhere! :-)

Nov 21, 2013
Jealous Lilac Siamese
by: Dawn

My lilac Siamese is a very jealous cat (although she doesn't want affection from me). If I talk to someone on speakerphone, she suddenly becomes so affectionate when she is not otherwise, and eventually bites me (not hard). This has happened over and over.

Also, sometimes if I am having a one on one conversation with someone in person, she will slap me like she's saying she does not like that I am giving the other person attention. This is our first Siamese cat and I've come to discover they are very different animals.

Jul 07, 2013
Grumpy Nosy Blue Siamese
by: Jacob

I have a blue Siamese cat named Curious because he is super nosy, whenever someone is visiting he is on high alert and sniffing the shoes of the visitor, it is the cutest thing!

He is also the most grumpy cat you have ever seen, he does not get along with the dog or any other animal - if you disturb him while he is napping he will just be a grump and if you try to touch him he will make a grumpy sound.

He is also very possessive of my dad's lap. Whenever my dad sits on the couch Curious must claim it and he sleeps there for as long as dad is sitting there.

Jun 29, 2013
My cat
by: Donna E

My cat was sold to me as a Ragdoll/Siamese for $250.00 She is so wonderful, however she likes to bite and I am a severe diabetic. Any suggestions?
I would be forever grateful.

May 29, 2013
Koraline the Lilac Siamese
by: Jennifer in Cali

My name is Jennifer and we got our angel about a year ago now. She is a Lilac Siamese and is the most amazing animal anyone could ask for!

When she was little she would run up to my face, put her paw on my cheeks and run. We would play peekaboo, found you! I would hide under the covers, pop out and there she would be, in my face! LOL!

Our baby girl plays fetch, she loves to fetch her little mice and bring them back to me and she freaks out when I do this!

She always greets me at the door the moment I come into the house. She is the only cat I have ever had that cuddles with me all the time. She also makes this adorable dolphin sound whenever I play with her laser.

When I am using the restroom, she will hop onto my lap and just sit there, or she will run up to me bright and early in the morning, put a paw on my face and put her nose to my nose and run away.

At night once all the lights go off, "Koraline its time for bed" she runs up on the bed and gets under the covers and goes to sleep, not always of course but it's still adorable! She is extremely lovable and talkative. :) We love our angel so much!

Kora Meeperts Buttersworth Tucker over and out!

Apr 19, 2013
Extremely clever
by: Norah

I got my seal point cat Frankie (cause he sure can sing, aka Sinatra) from some people who couldn't keep him. Can't understand that, he was two, I have trained him to sit and stay and play a game, I say "hide your face" and he shoves it under a pillow and waits for me to ruffle his head and then he pops up chases me.

I just love him even though he is so loud. He is eight years old now and I don't know what I would do without him.

Apr 09, 2013
Hotep my flame point baby boy
by: Kay

Hotep is four months old, he is purebred and was owner-surrendered to a local shelter which boggles my mind because I could never part with him. He's simply amazing, his personality is great, he can make the biggest cat hater fall madly in love and we're the best of friends.

I taught him how to kiss - he rolls up next to me at night and wraps his paws around my arms and he loves a good laser tag game. Oddly he sometimes acts more like a dog than a cat, he'll chew on my shoes if I leave them out and he growls when he wants my attention, he follows me absolutely everywhere.

I used to be scared I'd step on him, and he lays on the kitchen rugs when I'm cooking. He's a fireball of unending energy, so much so I have to get another cat. He's truly my baby and I'm so happy his owner gave him up because he belongs with me!

Feb 28, 2013
My life with the strangest of cats
by: Anonymous

My red point Siamese is without doubt the strangest of all my cats, and I have had many including other Siamese.

She is a rescue cat. I went to donate food at the local Humane Society, there was a very loud crying coming from a corner inside a cage was a small, I was sure it was Siamese, kitten.

She was standing up yowling, as soon as I took her out of the cage, she snuggled up with her head on my shoulder and wrapped her leg around my arm. I was a goner, she is a flame point, just beautiful.

I told them I wanted her but since she had to have shots and be spayed she didn't come right home with me. I put her back in her cage, she just laid down and never made another sound. They had a name of Cookie for her, no way, she is Fancy from the tip of her ears, one has a small dink in it, to the end of her gorgeous tail.

She is very much a inside cat, but we go out morning and evenings in our back fenced yard, she doesn't climb the tree, she doesn't know what they are, does enjoy watching birds and races me back inside if it is cold or windy.

She sleeps beside me during the day, follows me everywhere and hates if I talk on the phone, gets down right nasty.

I thought she would sleep beside me at night, but as soon as five p.m. rolls around she goes to the garage door to be locked in until morning. She has two potty boxes, and uses both for urinating but only sometimes for defecating, the floor in the garage is the usual spot for her Highness.

She must have been taken too soon from her Mama to be taught hygiene, I figure she is about three years old, talks all the time, loves people but is definitely my girl.

Playing chase with a string, or hiding in an unmade bed is about the busiest she gets, loves food, but is mad for bacon, any way she is mine and I am hers forever.

Feb 10, 2013
Stare stare, like a bear
by: Donna from Vancouver BC

My Siamese cat will often sit near my feet while I watch TV and will stare at me. He doesn't say a word but just sits still like an ornament. What is going on?

Feb 05, 2013
McDonalds French Fries
by: Alicia

Our meezer (affectionately named "Meezer") is 8 months old. He likes to chew/suck on things. When he was a baby, he would try and suckle my older, male tabby cat! Now it's blankets, toes, really whatever he can get his mouth on. He is also a supreme eater. I always save him a tiny bit of milk from the bottom of my cereal bowl, and he waits patiently until I'm finished. His favorite thing in the world is McDonalds french fries.

Meezer lives with two 80-pound greyhounds and thinks he's one of them. He comes down to get Greenies when the dogs are eating and cleans up all the dog food crumbs. He follows them around and incessantly tries to snuggle with them. Meezer plays games with the greyhounds too - they will pin him and mouth him, he tries to "pet" them.

The most curious thing about Meezer is that he is most attracted to people/animals who want nothing to do with him. My husband will pick him up by the scruff and set him off the bed, and Meezer returns the favor by laying across his face. Even though he is thoroughly annoyed most of the time, DH is definitely Meezer's person.

Feb 02, 2013
Odd Meezers
by: Katie C

Mykah is a blue point boy who is five and a half months, and Myscha II is chocolate point girl and two and a half months old. Got both of them at just over 5 weeks.

Neither of them talk, other than Myscha when she is hungry. Mykah has been neutered but is still very aggressive with everyone but my husband and me, biting, hissing and growling, though he sat with a friend the other day wanting his neck rubbed, but growling at her!

He will NOT purr for anyone other than my husband. If he is purring and I take him he stops and if he does "forget" and starts to purr when I pick him up, he abruptly stops. Myscha is a dainty little sweetheart and loves me, purring and cuddling.

Mykah will deign to sit with me if Myscha is there, but otherwise stays with my husband. He is very protective of Myscha and will lick her ears, head, body and they play and sleep very well together. They will share the same bowl of food and litter.

Mykah had a LOT of time with me when we first got him as we were traveling for two months and he loves the car and the caravan (trailer), but was always biting me. We had toys for him, and didn't play with our hands with him.

Why is he so odd? Will they both start talking soon? Myscha I was a talker, if you asked her when she wanted to be fed she would answer Neeeooowww!

Thank you

Dec 24, 2012
Maryjane doesn't know it's her tail
by: Kayla S

I have an eight-month-old Siamese girl. She waits for me to wake up every morning, loves to sleep under the covers. She is very quiet besides a blurpppp sound she makes, usually when jumping down or playing.

She will follow me everywhere until I feed her. With me in the bathroom, and seeing her paws move under the door, when I open the door she waits with a meow and I say "what?", then she speaks again. She knows how to play fetch and loves a laser toy.

Funniest thing she will do is chase her tail in circles, or balance her body over the top of a folding chair and look down and play with her tail. Most amazing motorboat purring fluff ball ever.

Nov 27, 2012
Multifaceted Seal point
by: Jeffrey Payne

My two-year-old Siamese Seal point, Sing-Sing, has an odd way of communicating. Unlike most Siamese, who are vocal, he prefers to tap my face, shoulders, or legs.

A tap on the chin with his paw means he wants attention. A tap on the back or shoulder is a request for food (the food is behind me) and a tap on the leg is a request to re-position myself so he can use my calves as a pillow.

On cold nights, he sleeps under the blankets like a dog. He stays in bed with me for the entire night, every night.

He even understands language. "Are you hungry?" is a sure way to get this unusually quiet Siamese to speak up. "Do you want to go upstairs?" and he will go to the door, and stretch his paws up, as if tying to open it. He opens cabinets and any door that can be jiggled.

He loves shiny things. He steals anything gold or silver, a ring or necklace or bracelet, and carries it off to a hiding place like a raccoon. He has an odd habit of stealing plastic bags and using them to cover his unfinished food, or even draped over his litter box if he doesn't feel his litter is fresh enough.

He was the runt of the litter, yet grew up to be 11 1/2 pounds!

He climbs a network of vents in our basement apartment to reach the narrow basement window to sun himself. This boy is so clever he is always getting himself in trouble.

I once found him on my bed, in a pickle because half a doughnut was jarred in his mouth, and he couldn't open it or close it! A shredded doughnut bag was all that remained on the coffee table!

Nov 15, 2012
Alvin - Best mate and guard "dog"
by: Koda

I have had my Siamese cross for about 18 months now. I rescued him at four weeks and hand-raised him. As a kitten he used to travel in my pocket (he was SO tiny!) as he has gotten bigger he learned to balance on my shoulder and now he will wrap around my neck while I walk around doing things...

One unusual aspect of him is if I am home alone we have a curtain over my front door (glass slider) he lays stretched out right above where it opens and if anyone (family friend or other) walks through you get slapped in the face and if he doesn't know you he adds claws!

I love my Siamese he chirps to me all the time and different pitches and lengths tell me "food", "bed" or "out".

Nov 07, 2012
Belly Belly my Siamese buddy
by: Linda UK

Well, his real name is Franky but if we say "belly belly belly" he rolls over for belly rubs.

We had him from a kitten, he is a Siamese cross, he looks exactly like a Siamese but is black with green eyes. He was born on his Mom's owner's lap, he is the most friendly cat ever but he loves me the most, he sleeps in my bed with his head on the pillow.

One of his funny tricks is to get on the swivel chair and demand to be spun round and round, he loves that, he also fetches various toys and drops them on us so we can play fetch games. He is amazingly clever and opens doors, drawers, all sorts.

He is currently teaching us how to speak Siamese cat language. We are making clumsy human progress, if we get it wrong we get a pat on the mouth. When I am on the phone he "sings" loudly whilst balancing on the back of a chair.

What we love most is his sleeping position. This is on his back stretched out longways, back legs sprawled open, back twisted halfway so his back and front face different ways and his head will be to one side with his tongue hanging out, what a dope ...

Jul 28, 2012
My Lilac Lynx, Binx
by: Patti

My cat Binx makes me laugh all day long. He's 15 now and from time to time he develops a new habit that involves my discomfort hahaha!

One of these occurred for the first time several years ago. About 5 a.m. one morning he climbed onto my pillow, wrapped himself around my head, pressing his head as tightly as he could against mine. It's as if he feels the need to hug me really tightly and purr me back to sleep. I love that he does this and my husband says now when Binx crawls onto my pillow, at all times of the night and especially in the morning, I automatically turn onto my back and move over to the edge of my pillow to make room for Binx. He says I do this in my sleep without waking.

Binx is also a cuddler and nibbler. He loves to sit on my left shoulder and nibble on my ear lobe (especially when I'm 'sitting' in the bathroom and he knows he has my undivided attention).

Lately he's started turning and lying on his back across my chest. Much like rocking a baby to sleep, I now rock my Binx to sleep this way.

When he wants to play he'll sneak up on our bare feet and lightly bite the arch of our feet. He loves to see our reaction and will continue doing this until we reach down and play with him.

He also loves to open and climb into drawers. He rearranges them for me, of course to suit himself.

He also found himself an 'Auntie' 2 years ago when a very nice lady moved in 2 doors down. He simply followed her home one day and let himself in behind her. Now he has to visit her at least a couple of times a day. She has 2 black cats, one will play with him but the other merely tolerates him.

Binx is a really cool cat and he knows it. Wherever I may be, he'll find me and sit or lay close by. Needless to say, when I visit my friend Maggie, he has to be there ... his two favorite ladies in one place suits him just fine!

Apr 18, 2012
My Owen
by: Liz in Vancouver B.C

My Tabby Point male is perfect for me. His name is Owen and he is nine now. Ive had him since he was a baby and we have a great bond.

He is quite the cuddler at night. He loves to sleep right up against your chest and wraps his arms around you with his nose pressed up against yours, lol. I can only take it for so long but it is really sweet.

He also sits for his treats and knocks at the door to come in. He literally knocks. It is hilarious! I love my kitty!!!

Apr 13, 2012
Silly Seal Point
by: TigersPrettyBunny

My husband and I have a silly little Seal point named Bella (Bellatrix actually). For some reason she LOVES to follow me into the bathroom and beg for chin rubs while I'm... "indisposed".

As soon as I sit down, if she's in visual range, she'll run across the room and abruptly halt in front of me with a "mrowwwwr?" as if to ask "pet me?"

She also loves patting (swiping without claws?) our feet. She'll sneak up, pat at our feet a couple times, then run off. I've started doing the same to her. I'll come up, pat at her a couple times then run off. She'll stalk me, pat back at me and run off. We do this across the house sometimes if it's a lazy day with nothing to do :3

Feb 20, 2012
Bashing the Oskar
by: Bronny

I used to have two Siamese - a seal male and a choc female. I missed having a Siamese so I got another male seal point, hence Oskar come into our lives.

Oskar is a sweetheart. He 'kisses' my right eyebrow, never the left, by gently nibbling on it. He demands to get under the covers with me. Oskar also like being 'bashed' (that's what my daughter and I call it anyway).

He sits on the couch next to me, presents his behind and meows, so I have to 'bash' him. I swear that he asks for it, the look on his face when we 'bash' him is incredible, as well as the vocals that accompany it, the silly cat absolutely loves being 'bashed'.

Love the Oskar!

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