What Kind of Cat Is This?

by Sheila
(Parma, ID)

This cat was abandoned on our property just over a month ago. She's gone from hissing and growling at every move to becoming very affectionate and sweet.

I think she's finally learned that she's found her "forever home" and that she no longer has to worry about searching for food or shelter.

Can anyone help me figure out which breed(s) she might be?

Thank you!!

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Sep 25, 2011
Good On Ya!
by: ccourtneymac@hotmail.com

Good on you for giving that dear little cat a home. How scared she must of been, to be dumped in some unfamiliar place. How lucky she is to have found you!

Courtney in Texas

Sep 02, 2011
I think I know what breed your cat is
by: gabriella

I'm not sure but it has the features of a Chocolate Point Siamese. So I'm only guessing but I think it's a long-haired chocolate point Siamese.
From Gabriella age 13

Jun 18, 2011
Cat Breed
by: Anonymous

It might be a Himalayan cat?

Dec 11, 2010
A Birman!
by: Caroline (Admin)

I'm glad I could help. She's a lovely cat! Most cats will respond well to love and food and water. I'm glad she's doing well, and she's clearly found a loving home with you.

The description you give of her with bright blue eyes and four white feet does make her sound very like a seal point Birman - so, in the absence of any other opinions, that's what we'll call her!

Dec 11, 2010
Update on Adopted Cat...
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your help. I've learned a lot about Siamese cats since I posted my pictures and question yesterday. If I would have known then what know now, I would have posted much different pictures of her.

The pictures I posted were taken when we first brought her into our home when she was starving, dehydrated and timid. Looking at her now, I'm amazed at the difference that consistent food, water and attention can make. She's beautiful!

Both of her eyes are bright blue. The picture doesn't do them justice at all. All four of her feet are white with the front feet having white gloves while the back feet have white that goes slightly higher up the leg. Her face is completely dark with no white markings at all.

The picture of the seal point Birman on your site looks a lot like her. Thank you again for your help! If it wasn't for your website, I wouldn't have known where to start in my search to find out what she was.

Dec 11, 2010
A Birman or a Ragdoll - definitely a Seal Point
by: Caroline (Admin)

Hello Sheila, thank you for your question and the two photos.

I always think it's quite difficult to tell a cat's breed from pictures, especially when you don't know what kind of cats their parents were, but that said, here are my thoughts!

Your cat has a pointed coat pattern and her face, ears and paws are very dark, so her coloring is seal point. From my first glance at the second photo, it looked as if she had blue eyes, but looking more closely it seems she has one blue and one green eye - or perhaps they are both greeny-blue?

The second photo also makes it look as if she has white markings on her face, but there are none visible in the first photo, so perhaps the white area is actually light reflecting off leaves.

She also has a long, thick coat and white front feet (I think I can just see one white rear foot as well?), which make me think that she probably has some Birman, or perhaps Ragdoll genes.

There's also a possibility that she might have some Snowshoe in her, because of the white feet, but Snowshoes are short-haired cats so she would not be a true Snowshoe.

I think she looks closest to a seal point Birman. (You can see a picture of one on the Birman page.) In truth, she's probably a bit of a mixture! Whatever her breed though, she's a gorgeous cat, and very lucky to have found a 'forever' home with you.

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