Your Names for Siamese Cats

A little batch of Siamese cat names for you to enjoy!

Stories that have come in over the past few weeks, telling why some of our readers named their cats as they did with photos that say, even more than words can, why a particular cat is called, well … what it's called!

Siamese cat looking like a Mogwai Lambchop and Gizmo

from Danielle

Gizmo was named by my sister, who thought he looked like a Mogwai when he was a kitten.

Siamese cat like the Lambchop puppet A few years later I adopted another seal point that was so cross-eyed he reminded me of Shari Lewis's puppet, so he got the name Lambchop.

It fits perfectly with his goofy personality!


From Eva in Syracuse, NY

My older boy's name is Bam. He is a Siamese Himalayan Ragdoll mix and he is the most loving cat I have ever had.

I named him Bam because the day I adopted him all he did was summersaults and flips.

He got into the most trouble when he was a kitten and I felt the name suited him very well.

Juneau Eleven!

from M Schmidt, St. Charles, MO

Why? Because the wounded ten-week-old Chocolate Point kitty showed up on our doorstep in the month of June, 2011!

He is doing well and we hope to love him as much as our dear cat of sixteen years, Catianna!

Avery and Link

My family got my cat Avery when I was seven.

About two weeks earlier I had seen a shooting star, and made a wish for a cat. I didn't tell anyone. We went to Petsmart and a man was giving away free kittens and my mother picked her out.

I named her Avery after the little boy in the story of "Charlotte's Web". I love her name even to this day.

She passed earlier this year, she was the runt in a large litter of Siamese mix. She was often aggressive in her younger years but eventually became mellow and even befriended our German Shepherd (named Money).

Siamese tabby mix kittenMy husband gave me a three-month-old kitten for my birthday a few days ago.

He was born on the day of the royal wedding and he's a Siamese-tabby mix.

I named him Link after the popular "Legend of Zelda" videogame character. He is the most affectionate kitten and adjusted to us very quickly. He is gorgeous, I love him!

Mosey, Murray & Mookie

from Emily Sanders in Fort Worth, TX

I had a wonderful Oreo Cookie-looking black-and-white cat that I named Mookie, and at the same time I had two adorable orange long-haired fat cats that I named Mosey and Murray.

I had them all when they were kittens, and they were the LOVES of my life!!

They all passed away over the last three years. I miss them all dearly and will never be able to have them again :(

Sir Ralphie Joe Kid, Cool Cat Earl of Newcastle

from Karen

Sir Ralphie Joe Kid Cool Cat Earl of Newcastle is my uncle's cat. A rescued feral cat who only responds to one person, like a King to his commoners!

Alexander Lionel

I named my cat that because Alexander means brave warrior and Lionel means lion. I chose those names because he behaved like such!

Seal point Siamese cat MeekoMeeko

from Ericka in Rochester, N.Y.

My baby bear's name is Meeko. I named him after the raccoon I saw in the cartoon movie Pocahontas. It took me forever to come up with a name 'cause I got him when he was only seven weeks old.

Seal point Siamese cat, bright blue eyesHe was all white with piercing blue eyes and the tiniest bit of brown around his eyes and paws.

Same colors as a raccoon so I thought it wuz perfect. Then I remembered the movie I saw when I was eleven years old. And Meeko is the perfect name for him.

He's three years old now and super smart.

He plays fetch with a little mini Nerf ball, opens doors, wakes me up every morning with that very pronounced Siamese "Merrreow", sleeps with me every night, knows if I'm upset or sad and will come and comfort me every time.

Seal point Siamese cat

I love him! He could never be replaced.

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Sep 30, 2017
3 Meezers and an Oriental Shorthair
by: Valerie

Our babies are all shelter kitties.

My littlest meezer is a sweet blue-point that we adopted from a feral cat rescue. She will be four on Halloween. She has a clipped ear and is slightly cross-eyed. We named her "Niko-Sama," half Kliban cat Noko-Marie and half "my lady" in Japanese. She is gentle and shy. The shelter people thought she was vicious and snarling at people because she had a silent meow. When she wants attention, she gets up beside me and chatters to me softly, or gets into my lap, but she panics when anyone tries to pick her up.

Rocky came next - the Oriental Shorthair. He is around two and weighs about 10 pounds. The shelter folks thought he was part sphynx because he had over-groomed himself to near baldness on his sides, and because of his body shape. His coat has grown back in nicely now, with a full set of black and gray tiger stripes, a white nose, white chest, and white feet. He is indeed very L-O-N-G in face, body, legs and tail, with powerful jumping and pouncing muscles in his haunches. He's not named for the prize fighter, but for Rocky the Flying Squirrel, because he is so active and athletic.

Then we adopted the twins, a pair of Lynx Points, who are about one-and-a-half now. The brother looks much more Siamese, with the beige-colored coat and just a little bit of striping on his body to go with his tabby points. We named him Haiku. He was a runt, but has grown up to be a sturdy fellow of around 10 pounds, solid and muscular. The sister, as she has grown up, has darkened so that the lynx striping on her coat is black and brown and very sleek; she looks like she could be part Bengal, she is so glossy and thick-furred. We named her Tiger Lily, and she has grown into her name admirably. She does have a large appetite and is muscular as well as having considerable girth, and is the biggest at probably 12 or 13 pounds. I hope the vet doesn't make her go on a diet!

May 16, 2017
by: Frankie

My wife got me a blue point kitten for my retirement. Noah is the best company I've ever had.

Aug 08, 2014
by: Anonymous

Of course his name is also Bucky, Buckley, Jeff, Ol Ringity, Lil Bastard, B'Tweezy, and Twerp. He inhabits all of these names. If we get another, that cat will start with the name "Bonzai".

Jul 09, 2014
All my babies' names
by: Marion Emery

My first seal point was Sheba because I loved the era of kings and queens, and her mate was Cubby because he looked like a bear cub when born. Then I had Mija named after an oriental friend. All seals.

Then my blue was named Piwacket after the cat in Bell Book and Candle, then I had Chubacka he looked like a Wookie from Star Wars. His mate was Koko, my first chocolate point.

Then my last, also a chocolate point, was Ippy a nick name from my favorite nephew. Sadly they are all in heaven with God. I miss them all so much. My last lived to twelve years old.

At the age of 75 I have shared my home with only Siamese cats - I think they believe they are dogs. :) My Sheba would fetch, sit on command and if the phone rang would hop on a chair and put her paw on it.

My Ippy was the biggest talker and very sassy but also obeyed commands. They were all smart and loyal and lovable.

Jun 16, 2014
Ol' Blue Eyes
by: Anonymous

I named my male Lilac Lynx Point "Sinatra". What else could you name a cat with those beautiful blue eyes?

Oct 18, 2013
by: Lizzie

I got my Winger from a breeder near Columbus Ohio, which is the home of the Blue Jackets Hockey team.

As we drove home to Kentucky I tried a variety of names and my kitten would always meow at Winger. That is a hockey term for a teammate. Plus hockey fights he likes to bite and arm to get me moving which earns him the penalty box.

The love of his life is to chase a laser light or his beloved battered fish toy up and down the stairs and he enjoys running on the treadmill. He's a dark seal point.

May 12, 2012
The names I chose for my babies

My first cat was a female seal point I named Bathsheba, though I called her Sheba. She was my lady cat, she would fetch, run up your pants leg to lay on your shoulder, and when the phone rang she would jump on a chair and put her paw on it - too funny!

When Sheba became a mother to Mija and Cubby, who I kept, I had to sit on the floor beside her because she wouldn't leave my side. During the night she brought all four of her babies and laid them on my chest and it took me two nights to get her to keep them in their box on the floor by me.

Then I had one blue named Pyewacket - she was not a very sociable cat. Then next I had Koko, a chocolate point, and Chubaca who according to the vet was a throwback. The mother was black and white as were the other three kittens, but Chubaca had all the points and coloring of a seal point without the Siamese cry.

I named him Chubaca because when I saw him all I could think of was that he looked like the Wookie from Star Wars. After I lost them a few years later my husband came home with a chocolate point I named Ippy (full name Ippyshaune) after my favorite nephew Jonathan - it was his nickname.

I always loved Ippy's parents' names - his mother was Lydia the Lionhearted and his father was Seattle Slew. Ippy was my last boy. Over the years I have had 2 females and 5 males, and after three years I am ready to add another boy or two to my family.

Jul 31, 2011
Thank you!
by: Caroline (Admin)

Thanks to everyone who submitted their stories for this page. I love the wonderfully appropriate photos (some of them very funny!) and the original ideas for names you've all come up with for your cats over the years.

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